Basket of News, August 14, 2015

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Aug 142015

The TCA (Television Critics Association) announced their winners. That Mad Men didn’t win show of the year (that went to Empire) might give us pause in our Emmy hopes. Here’s a round-up of winners that we blog here at the Basket:

  • Best New Program: Better Call Saul
  • Outstanding Achievement in Drama: Mad Men
  • Individual Achievement in Drama: Jon Hamm for Mad Men

The complete Mad Men series on DVD or Blu-ray is now available for pre-order on Amazon. (Thanks, SterlingQ.)

Also available for pre-order, in case you somehow missed it, Mad Men Carousel.

We have previously posted a link to Kiernan Shipka talking about her new movie, One and Two. It opens this weekend in New York and she’s getting very good reviews.

The Mad Men prop auction ended, and Don Draper’s Cadillac sold for a pretty penny.

Road and Track featured an article about Mad Men‘s car culture (Thanks, Hollis).

This is one of several articles I’ve found in smaller local media about concerts of Mad Men-era music. I sense a trend.

The Guardian suggests that Donald Trump is a Don Draper/Walter White-style anti-hero.

An interesting eye movement study about advertising used viewers watching Mad Men as its test group.

We don’t normally feature the fashion celebrity-spotter articles here, but I’m struck by this Christina Hendricks shot, because it is so similar to several Joan Holloway Harris costumes. Of course, the author calls it rose-print (and rose-print is exactly what Joan favored) but not only are those clearly carnations, the link to the D&G dress calls it “carnation-print”. Dopes.

Alison Brie has a raunchy and fun-looking new movie coming out, called Sleeping With Other People.

Showtime has renewed Masters of Sex for Season 4.

Masters of Sex production designer Michael Wylie reveals behind-the-sets secrets.

SPOILER ALERT for this article about Sarah Silverman’s upcoming arc on Masters of Sex.

Australian viewers will be able to watch Fear the Walking Dead on the same dates as U.S. viewers. Apparently viewers in both countries might sleep through it.

Fear the Walking Dead will not refer to “walkers” or any of the other terms used on The Walking Dead, they’ll be “the infected”. Kirkman also reveals that the world of The Walking Dead and its companion series has no concept of “zombies”. So it’s a world just like ours but without George Romero.

A limited edition release of Season 5 of The Walking Dead will include a lot of extras and a collector’s-style creepy package suitable for display.

Some leaked images of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher in Daredevil have made their way online. Bernthal, of course, is known to Walking Dead fans as the late and non-lamented Shane, while Daredevil is one of the best shows we’re not currently blogging.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game (for iPhone/iPad/iStuff) has a release trailer. It’ll be narrated by Norman Reedus and AMC seems very excited in their press release.

Here’s some cool behind-the-scenes footage about shooting Hell on Wheels on location.


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  1. Are there comments from Matt and cast on the last DVD? I read the Amazon summary but did not see any mention. Is there another place to look?

    • This article lists the features on the last DVD, and it includes commentaries:

      It does have a disclaimer that it may be subject to change. However, in an interview he gave to Collider back in April, he did say that the commentaries for 7B have been done. I don’t think they’d leave them off the 7B disc and only include them in the box set. This is the article (reference to the DVDs are at the end):

      As to if any of the cast is involved, I haven’t seen any confirmation of that (although it mentions the cast in that first article), but they weren’t involved in the 7A commentaries. I think the 7B commentaries might have been recorded at the same time as the 7A ones (he mentions on the Waterloo commentary that they had filmed the end of the series), which makes me think that the cast wasn’t involved for the 7B, but that’s just a guess on my part.

    • This is an uncut press release from the British Board of Film Classification that lists some of the MM season 7B episodes and describes commentaries, but it looks like the commentaries are with Matt Weiner, other writers and sometimes the episode director, but it doesn’t look like the cast participated.

  2. John Slattery — life imitates art — becomes director for commercials, branded spots:

  3. Empire BEST SHOW?????
    That, derivative, juvenile nonsense??
    I give up.

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