Basket of News, August 7, 2015

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Aug 072015

It’s a light news week. Remember, people, we depend on you dropping items you find in comments or emailing me at deborah (at) lippsisters (dot) com.

For years, we’ve been reporting on January Jones’s involvement with Oceana. This time, she reunites with Jon Hamm and Kiernan Shipka at an Oceana fundraising party. Polly Draper provides the Variety story.

Sundance interviews Mad Men producer (and cake-jumper) Marcy Patterson.

The head of HBO discusses True Detective among other things.

Speaking of True Detective, Slate provides a guide to the convoluted plot.

AMC is having a sweepstakes for fans (or non-fans, I suppose) to attend the premiere of The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln tells EW that Norman Reedus would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse.

If you’re dying for the next teaser clip from Fear the Walking Dead, which premieres August 23, at 9pm Eastern, fear not, it’s here. Despite the fact that the show has not yet been seen by an actual audience, AMC has already ordered Season 2 of  Fear the Walking Dead for 2016.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – July 31, 2015 – AMC announced today from the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour a 15-episode order for the second season of “Fear the Walking Dead,”  which will air in 2016.

Season 4 of Hell on Wheels is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Here’s a video interview with Hell on Wheels newcomer Angela Zhou (Fong/Mei), and this one is audio.

First look photos of Better Call Saul Season 2 have been released.

Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead, Masters of Sex) has released an album.


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  1. The Mad Men: The Complete Blu-ray/DVD set is already for pre-ordere on Amazon.

    It comes out October 13

    I have not been able to find any details on what is included (commentary, etc.)

    • I will be very frustrated if they don’t issue a complete season 7. I didn’t buy 7.1 because I was hoping for the full set.

      • I don’t think they’re ever going to issue the complete season 7. Other shows that have split seasons haven’t done that. I think half the point of splitting seasons is to double the $$$ in DVD sales. Season 7 part 2 is also available for pre-order, separate from the box set. I don’t care about the glasses and coasters, the only reason I would buy the full series box set is if they add in the commentaries for season 6.

        • Hi All,

          Here is the only thing that I’ve been able to find about Matt Weiner and the commentaires: (for full interview, see )

          Q: So I’m very curious, what are you doing for the ultimate Blu-ray box set that eventually will hit? I’m sure this Christmas. And is it this Christmas?

          A: WEINER: I don’t know when it’s coming out. I have seen a prototype. It will be this year. I don’t know what extra will be on there yet, there’s been some conversation, there’s definitely some pieces we’ve made. Maybe we can talk when that happens, because people usually don’t talk to us about that.

          Q: Oh, I definitely am curious about that.

          WEINER: There won’t be deleted scenes, and there won’t be auditions.

          Q: Oh, see that doesn’t faze me.

          WEINER: Or the trip to space.

          Q: Well, I’m more curious about, are you adding extra commentaries that maybe you wouldn’t have done before?

          WEINER: I don’t know. I talked to them. I did not do commentary on season six, and part of it was about the fact that I was doing it every year and the studio just assumed that I was gonna do it and that my ego was driving it and that it was a huge added bonus. These DVDs, as far as I know, they act like it’s a disaster for them and I know that it’s not, business-wise. So at certain point I was like, ‘If there’s no value in this, I don’t wanna do it. It’s a huge, huge job for me. I can draw all the actors into it, we all do it for free. No one participates in the profits from these things. Why are we doing it?’ And then after I didn’t do it, I had a friend of mine who’s a fan saying like, ‘You should just do it for free, because your wanted on there. We liked it, we miss it.’ So I may go back and do this. I definitely did them the first seven of this final season, and I will definitely do it on the last seven.”

          • I like that Weiner was candid (that he was miffed at the studio) about the lack of Season Six commentaries. Good news that he’ll do them for the last seven episodes – here’s hoping he’ll get on a roll and do at least a few for Season Six too.

            I regret that Lions Gate didn’t butter him up for the Season Six commentaries – it really rocks when he gets in there with writers, directors, Janey, actors – and of course when the actors do them “on their own” (without “dad”).

            I know of no other series that went to the effort to enhance their work as the Mad Men bunch did for the first five seasons.

          • Thanks, Polly!

            Here’s another announcement courtesy of


            MAD MEN: The Complete Collection Set Coming to Blu-ray on October 13th
            by Perri Nemirof

            MAD MEN: The Final Season, Part 2

            Audio commentaries with cast and crew on all episodes
            “Laurel Canyon” featurette
            “Unmarried Professional Women” featurette
            “Generation Boom” featurette
            “Earth Day” featurette
            Interactive Advertising Timeline (Blu-ray Exclusive)

            *Subject to Change

            “Subject to Change” – is someone at Lions Gate (or AMC) hedging?

            Any interest in owning every episode of Mad Men? You’re in luck because Lionsgate Home Entertainment just announced Mad Men: The Complete Collection on DVD and Blu-ray.

            The limited-edition gift set hits stores on October 13th and comes with all seven seasons as well as all of the special features ever released. On top of that, there’s also four hours worth of never-before-seen bonus material, a sit-down with creator Matthew Weiner, two lowball tumblers and four coasters.


            MAD MEN: The Complete Collection:

            Bonus material from all seven seasons
            “The Fellas at Sterling Cooper” cast wrap Interviews
            “Matthew Weiner: One on One” featurette
            “Casting MAD MEN” featurette
            “Design of a Decade” featurette
            Main Cast Wrap Interviews
            MAD MEN Advertising Archives (interactive feature)
            MAD MEN Historical Timeline
            Audio commentaries with cast and crew on all episodes, including previously unreleased commentaries for Season 6

            Gift With Purchase Includes:
            2 silver-rimmed lowball tumblers
            4 cork coasters

            *Subject to Change

            “Subject to Change” – again?? Here’s hoping they will add to the extras.

    • The previously unreleased audio commentaries for Season 6 have been found, but it will cost you!!!!

      The A.V. Club says: “Special features include bonus materials form all seven seasons of the show, featurettes on the casting and design of Mad Men, an interactive archive of advertising, and commentary from the cast and crew, including previously unreleased audio commentaries for Season 6.”

  2. Jon Hamm wins second Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Drama for the final season of Mad Men. His first win was in 2011.

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