Mad Men Haiku!

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Jul 302015

Dawn Chambers

The most qualified.

Dawn, not Don.  Hello Shirley.

“You all drink a lot.”

Dawn Shirley


  7 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. Prettier than Don
    She makes house calls after work
    He wants to tip her

    She has some morals
    He just wants the office dirt
    Nobody knows all

    Don calling Dawn
    Sort of sad to watch
    Dressing for the door bell

    Don at work again
    Waiting all day to begin
    Dawn new Joanie now

  2. Hollis sees it all
    Up down the elevator
    Some ride without smile

    Conversations heard
    Think he is invisible
    Silent uniform

    Unless to Peter
    Who buys an Admiral TV?
    I don’t know says he

    Hollis sees enough
    Gets tip for Roger climbing
    It’s Don’s revenging

    Only Don’s aloud
    To give Betty hot panties
    Roger dreams of her

    Hollis knows time moves
    Soon he will be job hunting
    Automatic doors!

  3. All in a day’s work
    Ginsburg and Stan tell Peggy
    It’s Valentine’s Day

    Every inch a girl
    Your cat has enough money?
    See you later boss

    Peg absconded
    Charles a dozen to Shirley
    Send her no flowers!

    Breakroom coffee klatch
    When Shirley and Dawn tell all
    Bell for Meredith

    Stan shoots Ginz a look
    No call for his blue remark
    Peggy has no plans

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