Mad Men Prop Auction!

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Jul 282015


DD caddy


On July 31st the bidding will begin on “…over 1500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations and other memorabilia from the Lionsgate-produced series.”  Included in the auction:

Don Draper’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Don Draper’s Brooks Brothers suits, sunglasses and business cards
Wardrobe, office accessories and personal effects for every major character including Peggy Olsen, Pete Campbell, Roger Sterling, Betty Draper and Joan Harris
Megan Draper’s wedding ring
Don Draper’s penthouse furnishings
Joan’s emerald necklace
Stan’s Bongos
Bert Cooper’s tea set
Vintage Barware and ashtrays
Business cards and office accessories for major characters from every iteration of the agency
Briefcases, luggage, lamps, carpets and dozens of period toys
Many other items from the Mad Men finale

Donald Draper’s Social Security Card

DD SS card


For more details on the auction click here

To see the actual auction items click here


Draper Patio Chairs


  20 Responses to “Mad Men Prop Auction!”

  1. If I had that airplane I would never stop throwing it and saying SURPRISE!

  2. I’ve never ever bid for anything online before, but I’m soooo tempted to bid for Bert Cooper’s business cards.

  3. Shut up and take my money!

  4. I feel like I am looking at all the items I grew up with, it is like a visit to my parents house.

    • I know! I know people love “mid-century,” but every one of those glass swans and candy dishes just makes me think “I’ve seen that at a garage sale”.


      • Every one of those glass swans were on the coffee and end tables in the house I grew up in.


        • I could not find Betty’s bracelet (the one with the large heart disc charm) she wore the day she opened the desk draw. I love that thing! If it shows up will you post something to the effect, please.

          I wonder if it is an item January Jones decided to keep…Would love Joan’s pen necklace…and Peggy’s thermos…Don’s Cleo…Sally’s Barbie…Mrs. Blankenship’s goggles…Roger’s money clip…Stan’s art work…Pete’s rifle…Allison’s green Christmas party dress…Megan’s dress she wore the Whiskey-a-go-go

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  6. I think Peggy’s Hermes scarf (from Duck) would a be a great gift (it’s not my color). Did she ever show that on camera – or only show the box – or only suggest it in a line?

    Her steel-and-formica table, indestructable, practical, and the same as my mother’s (and same vintage as Joan’s Kitchen Metal Chair) Peggy faced it when her date Kurt lopped off her ponytail)

    I’ve never seen a 24% buyers fee – a personal record.

    I think I’ve seen Don’s tie, worn when Anna tracked him down, in my father’s closet.

    Anna’s drapes – my mom had those.

    I think the Chip ‘n’ Dip was a loaner (per Weiner in a commentary)

    Pricing is strange – $50 to start for “full tux and shoes” (and a number of jackets), $50 for a tie?

    Ginsberg’s Side Table – $50 is reasonable, as is Lane’s Cut Glass Ice Bucket (which should go for far more than $50).

    $50 for Elizabeth Dawes Hospital Bracelet?? Don’s Anesthesia Tube (Happy Gas Mask) – $100???

    60’s Recreated Budweiser Can (can find these, not recreated in a junk, uh, “antique” shop) – $50

    Black Metal Lunchbox With Thermos – actually reasonable – $50

    Joan’s Emerald Necklace from Herb Rennet (must be costume at $125 – but so freighted/laden/burdened by that scene)

    Lane’s rope (really?)

    Where is/are those:

    “Giraffes” (?) in Trudy and Pete’s NY digs?

    Lane’s OED (behind his desk in his first scenes)?

    Joan’s accordion?

  7. Peggy’s blue Easter egg from Father Gill ?

    $35.00– Overpriced, as its not all it’s cracked up to be.

  8. Did anyone win any items? I bought some Peggy Olson art 🙂

    • I got Stan’s Schlitz Bottle! There were a couple of items I was keeping an eye on but they went way over my budget. The bottle is screen seen so I’m excited about that.

      So cool you got Peggy art! I really wanted to get something I could display in my home.
      I guess my empty beer bottle will go on a shelf next to my Zou Bisou Bisou record.

    • I bid on two items and got outbid on both. No airplane for me. 🙁

    • I wanted to get the peacock tail print w/the cartoons pasted on the glass. But I couldn’t justify getting it now and I also couldn’t remember where it was on the MM set (creative lounge is my guess but I could never find it in any pictures).

    • So, I had an awesome experience with ScreenBid. I bid on and won (for a big price) Peggy Olson’s bugs on flowers. But I couldn’t find it onscreen, and it looked A LOT like the print in her office in Season 7. I emailed the company and asked where the print was onscreen. They said they couldn’t find it and offered to void the sale, which I did. I bid on Pete’s Batik Horse print which hung in his entryway in the Park Ave apartment, and it cost me half the price of Peggy’s print. Can’t wait for my Batik Horse to arrive 😛

  9. I won Peggy’s Maxwell House coffee jar!
    It was the only thing I bid on.

  10. That’s awesome. I really think that a lot of the noticeable items were not included…probably taken by cast or crew. Don Draper’s business cards went for about $7,000!

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