Jul 222015


Ebay has a guide to buying Accutron watches for collectors.

This is a guide for buying and collecting Bulova Accutron watches – the world’s first tuning fork watch. Created in the 1960’s and 1970’s, they are now highly prized world-wide by watch collectors.

There’s something about the voice in this commercial that really reminds me of Freddie pitching the campaign in Episode 7.01.


  2 Responses to “Accutron: It’s Not a Time Piece, It’s a Conversation Piece”

  1. Accutron: It’s time for a conversation.

  2. I recently re-watched (PUN!) this episode again, and almost shouted at the TV when Freddy reached the point in the pitch where he says “Ooooommm,” and refers to the hum of the watch, reflecting EXACTLY on the “Ooooooommmmm” that ends the entire series. That Matt! He fills everything with little tricks!

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