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Jul 192015

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Okay so I watch Buffy in an almost constant loop. My newest observation, going back to the earliest seasons, is that Xander and Willow were entirely plausible–both as the nerds no one wanted, and as they transformed into hotties.

We’ve seen it over and over–Rocky taking off Adrienne’s glasses, Sabrina, all the Supermans….what are some examples that you think really nailed it, or were utterly ridiculous?

(Here’s a few more of mine: Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles–nailed it. Claire Danes in My So-Called Life, which I thought was the more evolved version of the Molly–I had a harder time with this. She was just so luminous.)



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  1. Roberta,
    My So Called Life was such an unusual show. Did it not only last one season, and on MTV? Claire Danes was so captivating. Her role on Homeland has given her exceptional recognition but I find her speech to be distracting. It’s like she has ill fitting dentures or something…Ever notice that?

    • Yes to one season, no to MTV. It was network–maybe ABC but I don’t remember–and MTV picked it up and replayed the same season.
      I never noticed the mouth thing, but I still haven’t watched past S3, so you’ve probably wrecked it for me =)

  2. Angela Chase aka Claire Danes was not really the nerd no one wanted though – she caught the attention of a cooler, tougher sort of girl (Rayanne) and abandoned her old friend (Sharon), which caused some conflicts. Also, the cool boy/pretty boy (Jordan) took notice of her, even if it took him a while to act on it.

    Fun topic! I’ll try to think of some more examples. Mind’s a blank at the moment.

    • It’s true, but it was a transition–Jordan Catalano (can any of us just say his first name? I think not) considered her weird and different, not “standard” cool (like Rayanne–the ultimate cool kid).
      God I love that show. Might be time for a binge–it’s been years.

  3. Natalie Portman in Garden State nailed it, she was just so dorky.

  4. Yours and Mad Chick’s observations about Clair Danes in My So-Called Life being far too luminous to be a believable ugly duckling reminds me of something that the great critic Walter Kerr wrote about Katharine Hepburn in the 1935 movie Alice Adams. Hepburn plays the daughter of a lower middle-class family spurned by her upper-class betters when she tries to mingle with them (shades of John Hughes, 50 years early!). In one famous scene, she attends a dance and no one dances with her because of her tacky, out-of-fashion dress. As Kerr put it (paraphrasing from memory) “Watching the scene now, we don’t believe a frame of it. Whatever else we may know about this girl, she is breathtakingly beautiful. What young sporting blood ever danced with the best-dressed at a party? The only believable thing would be for a stag line to form to her right and for her to dance, dance, dance the night away!”

  5. But that actually does happen in real life. I have looked back in my high school annual and been amazed at the “cute and cool” girls, and guys. They look fine, normal, OK, but a few are not at all attractive. Why were they considered to be so much better looking and soooo much more cool than the rest of us? And I also noticed what I would now consider stunningly beautiful girls who were considered just OK. Again why? I know high school is a strange and weird time, only 3 years, but life long effects. What I have come to the conclusion on all that is: high school is real life version of the “King has no clothes”. We see what we are supposed to see because of the group pressure. So Katherine Hepburn was not OK because the group thought she was not, the dress was just an expression of that feeling.

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