Mad Men Wish List Monday: The Wrap Up

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Jun 292015

Ever since I posted this wish list of Matthew Weiner’s, we’ve had a weekly discussion group of items on this list.


These are the final items not yet discussed, and my comments.

Dr. Faye–ripe for a return, I think, not because there’s anything particularly unresolved, but because she has such insight into Don. What would she say about the Draper marriage and divorce?

Harry’s divorce: What’s Harry’s life like now?–Interesting. In Waterloo, Harry said that Jennifer was talking about divorce, but then stopped when he was about to make partner. There was never any conversation that she definitely divorced him thereafter, but I guess she did.

Frank’s story re: South Pacific/Papua New Guinea jungle (Possibly a…..from Roger)--the “…” is obscured on the list. Does anyone remember what this is?

Bottlers convention–I’m open to suggestions: why? WHY?

Gun client—guns & ammo–I think we saw intimations of this in Betty throwing away Bobby’s toy gun. Don has very strong feelings about this, if you recall Love Among the Ruins.

Okay everyone, get discussing!


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  1. “Frank’s story re: South Pacific/Papua New Guinea jungle (Possibly a…..from Roger)–the ”

    I tried to figure this one out when it first appeared. The only character named Frank was Don’s accountant, and I doubt that any story would center on him. I think it was a mental burp by MW and he meant to write “Freddie.” During “Six Months Leave” we are told that Roger at first disrespected Freddie until he learned of what he did during the war. They made it sound as if it was something exceedingly bloody and dangerous.

  2. Dr. Faye could be at McCann.
    She might say Don has moved up the pyramid of Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs. She might consider the Coke commercial to reveal Don has moved up the stages of Maslow’s theory to a level of maturity and
    Physiological needs
    Safety needs
    Love and belonging
    And, now that he is single maybe she would like to do the wild thing with him. But, Don knows she does not do well with kiddies…so if he is considering re-runs, maybe Miss Farrell would be a good choice, providing the poor thing has given up drunk dialing married men!

    • Despite, or perhaps because of, his 1-million-dollar settlement check – Don is more of “a catch” than ever. Somehow I don’t think a stint at Esalen will make him less serially promiscuous or less prone to marry.

      Faye, perhaps the most worthy of all of Don’s special friends, could well cross paths with Don – at McCann, on the street, in a bar. I think she was too hurt to try anything further with the possible exception of a long chaste courtship. Don would have to tell her of his Esalen experience to even get coffee.

      Miss Farrell might be suitably subservient – if Don could find her – how long has it been since he found her running on the highway in the dark?

      Sylvia would be easy to find – but she’s done.

      Don never liked Bobbie. It’s not so clear she liked him. How securely was she tied to that bed?

  3. Harry sure looked like he was happy to be a minion at McCann – once it became plain his head woudn’t roll – so he may well thrive in his career. I imagine he will continue to burn bi-coastal airline tickets – as a well-connected media man. He seemed to bounce back well from Don’s pithy advice re: the partnership (“Don’t Negoiate!”).

    Placing the hilltop Coke ad would keep him busy for awhile, along with all the saugage from that factory (only Roger could put those words in Don’s mouth.) Crane might even know some song writers,

    Didn’t they leave his marital status unresolved? “Pitching” Megan says nothing about that. A twist would be that one of his flings turns serious for him, which might take divorce off the back burner.

  4. I think the bottler’s convention might have been an opportunity to show just how crazy those conventions could become – especially the after-parties (I am guessing on this given that I was born in 68 and never worked in that world). I think about the type of hijinx they had so much fun with on the show: riding the tractor through the office, Roger and Don with the 2 girls at the office, the Christmas party for Lee Garner Jr. and of course GM (especially, the shooting of Ken!). So, I could see them having a lot of fun with that in an episode. I don’t think it could be the focal point of an episode, but a fun sub-plot.

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