Happy 50th Birthday, Matt!

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Jun 292015

Lipp Sister-Weiner-Lipp Sister Roberta, Matt, Deborah at 92Y

Roberta, Matt, Deborah at 92Y

Deb and I agreed that I would write one of my birthday odes. I spent a lot of time with it, thinking about what might rhyme with the likes of Hilltop, Melfi, Ossining, Arlo, and Don Draper. And it just wasn’t happening.

Odes aside, the truth is we just adore Matt, and we’re both incredibly glad he was born. In giving us Mad Men, he has not just shifted the landscape of television, but he’s impacted the culture as a whole–and our lives personally.

That’s just alluding to what we’ve gotten from Mad Men. Matt is a whole other story. His intellect, his warmth, his exquisite gift for conversation–whether he’s speaking in a public forum or in an exclusive Basket-interview, he is generous and passionate and hilarious.

Happiest of birthdays, Matt. We love you.

–Deborah and Roberta


  4 Responses to “Happy 50th Birthday, Matt!”

  1. I was actually quite moved by that

  2. Wishing Matt another 50 years!
    I am looking forward to his next projects, and know I will always be a fan of his work!
    Best Wishes,
    Susan F.

  3. I’m so late but hope Matt had a very Happy Birthday. And, the fact that he knows and loves the Lipp sisters just shows that he has great taste. 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

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