Basket of News: June 26, 2015

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Jun 262015

Variety has a great article about directors working on period dramas. The illustration is Jennifer Getzinger working on a Mad Men scene, and several of our other shows are mentioned.

Three really fun Jon Hamm clips from Jimmy Kimmel, with bonus Lizzy Caplan! First, some baseball stuff because sports. Next, we revisit the gummy bears at Bonnaroo. Finally, Lizzy Caplan explains why she’s better than Hamm. Who’s having none of it.

Last week, I made the case for Jon Hamm’s Emmy. This week, Matthew Weiner does.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has released an anti-soda ad that incorporates the same iconic “Hilltop” Coke ad seen in the Mad Men finale.

Don and Betty Draper’s first house is for sale.

There may be a cure for vitiligo, and apparently Jon Hamm has the condition.

AMC has released key art for season 6 of The Walking Dead, as well as not one but two new teaser clips for Fear the Walking Dead. (If I may editorialize, “The authorities would tell us” does not bode well for script quality.)

Fear the Walking Dead premieres in August with a six-episode season.

Behind-the-scenes kissing and other stuff during filming of The Walking Dead season 6. Meanwhile, this article on season 6 features the cast of The Walking Dead looking very pretty indeed.

This thoughtful listicle addresses TV shows based on comic books. The Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD both rank, as well as a couple of shows I’m loving but not blogging–Agent Carter and Daredevil.

Do we really think The Walking Dead will last 12 seasons?

For reasons that elude me, Fox News thinks Don Draper is one of the best TV bosses.

Here’s an interview with Downton Abbey‘s Julian Fellowes about the final season.

Looks like Sarah Silverman will be back for Season 3 of Masters of Sex, while Lizzy Caplan is interested in Virginia Johnson’s “evolution”.

Season 4 of Hell on Wheels will be available on Netflix on July 4–enough time to marathon in preparation for Season 5.

And a new promo teaser for Hell on Wheels season 5 is out.

Marti Noxon (former Mad Men writer, co-writer of The Gypsy and the Hobo) wants Jon Hamm for “Best Villain“.

RJ Mitte (Walt Jr./Flynn on Breaking Bad) walked the runway as a model in Milan.


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  1. Last two Doonesbury’s (repeats from 1984) involve Mike Doonesbury as ad copywriter:

    It seems that, unlike our man Don, Doonesbury does vote.

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