Mad Men Haiku!

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Jun 252015

Lois Sadler phone 3


Switchboard to Don’s Desk

Trims Guy’s toenails with John Deere

Ciao, Lois Sadler


Lois John Deere 2


  19 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. Lois asked Peggy

    Sorry what did I do

    Hears redundancies.

  2. Good ones!

    Five, seven, five, folks
    It’s really not hard, is it?
    Get with the rhythm, people!

  3. …aaand, I screwed it up!

    the last line should be “Get with the rhythm!”

  4. Bossy lady writes
    Haiku rules to avoid fights
    Fun is gone with corrections

  5. I’m truly sorry — I meant to be helpful, not bossy. (And I thought my own unintentional error with syllable count was rather ironic and funny.) Although I check in daily, and love this blog and comments, I have commented only a couple of times myself. I meant no offense, and certainly did not mean spoil the fun.

  6. “Don’t cover for me”

    When working Don’s desk

    It’s plain, don’t you see?

  7. There once was a Guy named McKendrick
    So handsome, he’s almost Electric

    He walks in on two feet
    Lo’ shows him a seat

    He gets up not so egocentric

  8. Actress Flanagan

    Centerfold shenanigan

    Stan inspiration

  9. Lois tests slogan
    nothing runs like a Deere
    Bloody good show

  10. No crying break room
    Joan won’t allow any of it
    Save tears for pillow

  11. Mad Men Haiku grows

    Creative juices flowing

    Thank you for playing!

  12. Move Xerox from hall
    Lois warns could get messy
    Now crowds Miss Olsen

  13. Secore Laxatives

    Moves you like no other brand

    Hines beans will do trick

  14. Lois performs a
    transtarsal amputation
    No anesthetic!

    medical reference:
    The senior author is S. John Ham MD!

  15. Poor Guy MacKendrick
    Says “Heard a great deal about you”
    But we hear loud OUCH!

  16. British invasion
    Mechanical invention
    Patriot maiden

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