The Real Story Behind that Iconic Coca-Cola Ad

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Worth a read!


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  1. In the sixties 7Up held sway in our house (that is, when Dad deigned to bring a six pack home – he was a Health Food nut before that was fashionable). So far as I knew, way off the beaten path in the Last Frontier, 7-Up was the world-beater.

    To this day a sure-fire, can’t-miss treat is very cold 7-Up poured over vanilla ice cream (and these days I go with a chilled pint glass and first squeeze lemon and lime over the ice cream – frozen citrus crystals!!)

    Memory is unreliable, but I’m fairly sure that the two channels of TV we had pre-1971 carried UnCola ads that got a lot more airplay than that that hilltop sing-along – with a black man and his basso-fundo voice intoning:

    “It’s the UN-cohhh-la – HA HA HA HA!!!”

    Wikipedia confirms that that actor was Geoffrey Holder and that the campaign ran from 1967 to the 90s.

    7Up also marketed the UnCola glass – which was an inverted Coca-Cola glass with an inverted 7Up logo:

    wherein it is claimed:

    “Anyone who sees a Coke glass is transported to their first childhood sips of Coke”


    “Anything non-cola was unhip, uncool – the kind of thing your parents drank”

    I didn’t know from “hip” back then – except that Mad Magazine reissues in paperback made fun of the same hipsters Don Draper demolished in Season One (and also a demented version of Candidate Goldwater for whom Peggy would have loved to work).

    In the eighties (?) the suits that ran 7Up lost their nerve and changed 7Up to something closer to Sprite (yuck – maybe that’s why the citrus improves that ice cream float).

    If they made 7Up the same way as the old days, I’d buy cases of it.

  2. i remember that ad well… always loved it when it came on tv

    I remember 7up having some good ads too – the cola-hearted woman song and another one that was kind of psychedelic.

    a fun trip down memory lane to my ‘tween’ years 😉

  3. what do you mean “real story” we already know the real story, DD created the ad (kidding!-sorta). On Seven-up I remember the uncola too. Think the actor you mention had a part in James Bond Live and Let Die -or one of those Bond movies. Think we still have an “uncola” glass in my mom’s house somewhere. Ciao!

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