Jun 162015

So, Roberta posted Happiness in a GIF, and that got me exploring Mad Men Screenshots With Things Drawn on Them.

I came across this:

The “no babies” isn’t in the original (duh)

See where it says “allergic to cats”? It reminded me of this:



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  1. This also reminds me of when Ma met Abraham and told Peggy “…Ya lonely? Get a cat!”

  2. A lot of people say they are allergic to something when in reality they just don’t like it. My youngest used to have a fluctuating list of foods he was allergic to depending on what was served for dinner.

  3. I thought of the “Allergic to cats” ad too when Peggy first got a cat to ward off rodents. Someone (here? somewhere else?) posted that it’s possible Peggy just said she was allergic in her ad because she didn’t want to live with a cat. Which is kind of similar to what Donna is saying above. I like the idea of this, although it certainly could have been a continuity goof. 🙂

  4. If Peggy had a PC, internet connection, and a search engine she could have found a “hypoallergenic cat.”

  5. Speaking of goofs:
    In the finale, when Roger and Marie are in bed and they get I to the fight… They both have wedding rings on. She mentions not being divorced from Megan’s father… But what am I missing? Were they married by then? Something else?

    • Roger was revising his will in anticipation of marriage. I assumed the Paris trip was their honeymoon.

  6. Is this the thing that Joanie said reads like the introduction to an Ibsen play?
    I seem to recall her reading a somewhat different wording of this ‘ad’.
    Joanie was right, though.

  7. My mom was allergic to cats too for all her life, but allergies sometimes change. I had to leave my cat with my parents when I moved to Korea; she was kind enough to take him in. After a few months, she stopped taking any allergy medication and discovered she was no longer allergic!

    • That is the kind of allergy that can decrease from exposure. Arthur is allergic to cats, but he was born and raised around cats and doesn’t show symptoms. But if we go to the animal shelter and there are 15 cats, THEN he’s very symptomatic.

    • My Ex is allergic to *some* cats. When we got her a kitten she stuck her nose in, took a big sniff – no reaction – all good.

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