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Hey Basketcases! Every Sunday we post an open thread, and it’s open all week, your chance to chat amongst yourselves. You don’t have to stick to the topic of the week, but we’ve found from experience that discussion is livelier when we offer a topic.


What new (or not-so-new) shows would you like to see Basket of Kisses cover? No promises! We have a limited number of writers and a limited number of hours in the day, but I’m interested in seeing what your opinion is on this weighty matter.

Currently, we’ll continue to cover Mad Men in rewatch, and we’re writing Hell on Wheels (final season), Masters of Sex, Downton Abbey (final season), Outlander, Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, and Homeland. With two of our shows in their final seasons, we’ll definitely be adding more, so your opinion is influential!


  34 Responses to “Open Thread/Question of the Week–Your turn to opine”

  1. My current favorite show is AMC’s “Turn,” but I don’t know how well it lends itself to the sort of thing y’all have been able to do amazingly with Mad Men.

  2. Would you guys cover January Jones’s new show, Last Man On Earth? It is only a half hour comedy but I think it is really a special, quirky half hour. Besides, we owe it to ourselves to follow the vessel of Betty.

    • What is the premise of the show? I’m sure I could easily look it up but if you already know the jist of it and feel like posting,then please do. I hadn’t heard about this one.

  3. Also, does anyone know if Baby Jean would likely remember Betty?

    • Gene would be 7 when Betty dies, he should remember some things, most children remember only a few specific events before age 5, and very few before age 4. Rather sad to think about.

    • I don’t think Sally and Bobby would let Gene forget Betty.

      • Well of course not, he would hear stories about his mom and what the family did and things that happened when he was a baby, and his own memories would be wrapped up in the stories he hears. But what he actually remembers and what he hears, family myths is what some people label them, will become his memories. Kinda like watching a video of a vacation with your children when they were one or two and they remember not the actual event but the video of the event.

        • John Kennedy Jr. had no memories of his father.

          • Thanks,
            Good details on how childhood memories are formed.
            Tragic that JFK, jr did not recall his Dad.

            Just wondering about another detail, how old will Betty be when she dies? Is she even 45?

            • I think Betty was born in 1932 (she said she was 28 in 1960), so if she died in 1971 she would be 38 or 39.

  4. Do any other baskets watch Masterpiece? Wolf Hall has been excellent and I’ve been obsessed with Call The Midwife since the beginning (although the last season was really lacking some Chummy).

  5. Can we keep ‘Scandal’ coverage?

  6. Orange is the new black

  7. I liked the coverage for The Americans. Any interest in returning to that?

  8. The Americans and Scandal were Anne’s shows, so that’s up to her.

    Orange is the New Black is my favorite show that’s currently on-air. I just have to figure out how to blog a show that drops episodes all at once.

    • I know, I really don’t like the way Netflix drops the whole season all at once. As much as I hated waiting so long for Mad Men there was something special about all sharing it at once and the chance to think about and analyze each episode. Each week was more of an “event.” OITNB is the only thing getting me through Mad Men withdrawal. I’m trying to limit it to one episode a day but it’s hard. It was released last Thursday night and I’m up to episode 5. Maybe you could set up a viewing/review schedule once a week–though its not the same if everyone knows what will happen.

    • Why not work it the same way as a Book Club? Books are (serials excepted) released all at once, too.

      (my 18 and 20-yr-olds assure me that I will love Orange)

  9. I think Hannibal is a show that lends itself to being discussed and (if you’ll pardon the pun) dissected. It is literate and beautifully photographed and artfully obtuse. It’s creators admit to telling the creative staff to make believe they’re making a pretentious art film every week. Even though it’s a show about a character that’s become iconic, and the familiar FBI profiler trope, it requires intense participation to follow along. Despite tales of sexual deviancy and pervasion; murder, cannibalism and torture it can be funny and unsettling, jaw dropping and head scratching, beautiful and ugly – all at once.

    Believe it or not, it’s not a populist kind of show (as The Walking Dead is,) the horror and the pacing are too slowly revealed too civilly discussed, it’s not so much Silence of the Lambs, its more Eyes Wide Shut.

    My wife hates it, therefore a need to discuss the crazy shit I’ve just seen, but you people here spoiled me for other boards, the thing is that despite being a show not suited to the general taste (again with the bad pun, sorry) it can easily require 600 to 800 words just on the recap, so it would be a challenging endeavor

  10. Halt and Catch Fire. It’s much more tightly plotted this year. Critics seem to agree that it’s hit its stride. It has interesting character development, excellent performances, feminist themes. It concerns the origins of the ongoing computer revolution, of course,

    • I agree. I am enjoying watching this and really impressed by the “women in computers”aspect. I do miss an intelligent discussion of women in 1985, where we were and how much had changed in the 15 years since MM ended.

  11. I’m a True Detective guy myself.

  12. OITNB, Halt and Catch Fire and most of all, Rectify. I have to imagine anyone who enjoyed MM as much as most readers here would love the deliberately strolling pace and introspection of Rectify.

  13. Roberta was discussing The Wire, obviously in retrospect a while back.
    The GOAT (Greatest of All Time) should be followed up on by her, if she can.
    There is nothing on TV for me to watch now.
    Homeland turned into a cartoon in S2, and Shameless has turned into a diversion, nothing more.
    Ray is gangster, so I watch, of course, but I don’t FEEL it.

    Guess there’s nothing but the Mets, and my Mad Men DVD’s Seasons 1-4.

    • Better Call Saul is the only thing I can stomach.
      So there is something.
      But gotta wait till, February,……March?????
      Oh, God.

      • How ARE the Amazin’ Ones doing this year (was that the 69′ bunch)?

        • Hey, jahnghalt!!!
          How are you, pal?
          The Amazin’s are actually in 1st place, but they’re wobbling due to a giant rash of injuries.
          Are we still on for Rocky Mountain confab in the future???? 🙂

    • Currently I’m loving 3 shows that I don’t blog. Since I personally write HoW, MoS, and Homeland, it’s kind of hard to consider taking on a fourth show.

      I watch Penny Dreadful (first season was pretty good, second season is FANTASTIC), Game of Thrones, and Orange is the New Black. I also adored Daredevil. Other than Orange… I am apparently deeply entrenched in genre fiction.

      • Penny Dreadful! Strong agreement. I stayed with it during the first season, and am being rewarded this year. Rory Kinnear as Frankenstein’s Monster is wonderful. His two scenes with Eva Green’s marvelous Vanessa Ives were things of beauty. The episode with the great Patti Lupone as The Cut Wife was brilliant. Even Josh Hartnett (who I mostly remember as a blank spot on the screen in his movies) is pretty good here.

        • Hartnett had a monologue that would have SHREDDED if a real actor had delivered it. Mostly he’s needed for a gorgeous macho presence, and he’s good at that.

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