Basket of News, June 12, 2015

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Jun 122015

Elisabeth Moss talks about filming the badass walk into McCann in The Milk & Honey Route, and the scene on the phone with Jon Hamm in Person to Person.

January Jones got all weepy when she saw Person to Person.

Four of the five shows featured in this article about costume designers’ favorites are Basket shows, starting with Janie Bryant discussing her favorite Mad Men costume.

First official look at Fear the Walking Dead. Plus a boring poster.

Robert Kirkman discusses the timeline overlap of his two zombie shows. Also, no woods. ALSO also, Kirkman has signed a very fancy contract with AMC.

And as if that’s not enough, first new casting announcement for season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Jon Bernthal, formerly of The Walking Dead, has signed for Daredevil (which I love).

Downton Abbey gets ready for its final season.

Weirdly fascinating: Metastasis, a Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad, is available on Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter shares side-by-side shots of the original and the remake.

And the weird Breaking Bad news continues: Blue Ice Vodka is releasing a Heisenberg-themed vodka. No, really.

Bob Odenkirk was afraid he’d suck on Better Call Saul. Meanwhile, there’s a little tickle of news about Season 2, in a few places, which is more than half-filmed.

Here’s a great little piece on Emmy hopefuls talking about their favorite scenes. Three of our shows are included: Not only Mad Men, but Better Call Saul and Homeland.

The new season of Hell on Wheels is around the corner!

Hell on Wheels actor Tim Guinee walks a tightrope. Literally.


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  1. The Downton Abbey link goes to last Sunday’s open thread.

  2. that is funny about Peggy’s Walk because I remember thinking at the time it must have been a tall order to carry the picture AND the bag AND the box, with the ciggie and the sunglasses, while looking completely cool.

    Turns out, it was.

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