Jun 072015

Yo yo you, it’s our weekly Mad Men Commemorative Open Thread–for you, the Basketcases, to chat amongst yourselves.

It’s Tony night! The gay superbowl! (I have a friend and vocal coach, Chris Newcomer, who is performing with Chita Rivera in The Visit on Broadway and as part of tonight’s show, so I’m personally extra enthusiastic.)

So tonight let’s talk about theatre. Favorite shows? People you’d love to see cast in shows? HOW ABOUT JON HAMM AS BILLY FLYNN IN CHICAGO, HUH??

Have at it, peeps.


  6 Responses to “Open Thread/Question of the Week: 2015 Tonys”

  1. How ’bout Birdie Draper as “Annie Oakley” in Annie Get Your Gun ?

  2. I wanted to see Elisabeth Moss in The Heidi Chronicles when she recently did it on Broadway but I didn’t get the chance. I’m sure she would be good in many different roles—one that comes to mind is the role of Steph in “Reason to Be Pretty.” (Neil La Bute play – Alison Pill originated the role on Broadway and it was later played by Marin Ireland)

  3. I’d love to see John Slattery play Bert in Mary Poppins on Broadway!

  4. How about Jon Hamm as Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man?

  5. A Chorus Line is The Godfather of Broadway. It’s the ONE.
    That and Death of a Salesman, demand multiole, multiple viewings.

    Dance 10, Looks 3.
    I’d like to see Lizzie Moss doing that.
    Willy Loman????? Jared Harris.

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