Basket of News, June 5, 2015

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Jun 052015

Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men wish list will keep us talking: Please join our Monday discussion group!

The TCA Award nominations are out! 3 nominations for Mad Men, including program of the year; Basket show The Americans is also nominated in that category. Outstanding New Program recognition for Better Call Saul, and both Better Call Saul and Mad Men are recognized under Outstanding Achievement in Drama and Individual Achievement in Drama (for Jon Hamm and Bob Odenkirk). (Thanks to Polly Draper)

Fear the Walking Dead has new promo stuff.

Matthew Weiner talks about his doubts in Variety (thanks Polly Draper).

Weiner also did a panel with directors (thanks Maryann).

A sociologist analyzes Don Draper’s loneliness.

AMC has an interview with The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun.

Critics Choice Awards winners include Basket favorites: The Americans for Best TV Drama, Bob Odenkirk for Best Actor in a Drama Series, and Jonathan Banks for Best Supporting Actor, both for Better Call Saul. The Americans also received a Peabody.

The Walking Dead was one of the biggest things on Twitter during its season.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is trying to save Silent Hills.

Fashion and Grammar Gripes compares Mad Men episodes with Good Housekeeping archives. The finale review goes in-depth on symbolism and symbols.

Facts about Alison Brie from UPROXX.

The Masters of Sex season 3 trailer is explosive. And the show will introduce us to Virginia Johnson’s parents.

Interviews with a variety of people, including Matthew Weiner and former Mad Men writer Marti Noxon, choose shows they’d like to see rebooted.

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  1. Elizabeth Moss reveals what she was really doing during the scene when Don calls Peggy in “Person-to-Person”

  2. Thank you for posting Laura Carney’s piece on the finale. It is the most intelligent, insightful, magnificently researched article ever written about Mad Men. Posted above as Fashion and Grammar gripes. Her work seems to be sadly unnoticed by Mad Men fans. Such a pity. I suggest you sit back and take it in slowly. You will be stunned by how much of the symbolism you missed. I am a faithful viewer and I am always struck by her.

    (p.s. I don’t think Ladies Home Journal is correct)

  3. 7 Questions With ‘Mad Men’ Star Jon Hamm: Emmy Contender Quickie — who does Jon Hamm think has been “criminally overlooked through the years” in terms of Emmy recognition?

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