Bill Phillips of Conley Research

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Jun 022015
Mad Men, Lost Horizon, Bill Phillips leads a meeting

In Mad Men episode 7.12, Lost Horizon, Don talks his way into the Baur home by pretending to be Bill Phillips of Connelly Conley* Research. He offers the card that the real Phillips gave him in the Miller Beer meeting.

Mrs. Baur says that “Bill” must have a really interesting and exciting career, and he replies “I also give a lot of boring presentations”.

Sick burn, dude.

*I’ve changed the spelling to the way it’s spelled on AMC’s site. I don’t know if that’s authoritative, but it’s better than nothing, right?


  5 Responses to “Bill Phillips of Conley Research”

  1. When Dick Whitman assumed the identity of Don Draper he started out selling encyclopedias, pots and pans, then went on to selling used cars I think. Don Draper was a natural salesman and a con. He knows how to get into a house and make a sale. If they ever do another season of Mad Men I would love to see a prequel with Dick and Anna in California and how Don and Betty got together. Don would have needed to be a super salesman to convince Betty to marry him and for Roger to have hired him.

    • He failed with Roger and then simply claimed that he had hired him. Much as Bob simply showed up and gave the impression that he worked there.

  2. I think it’s spelled Bauer.

  3. Well, there ya go! 🙂

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