May 312015

We’re bringing back a feature from days of old. The Open Thread, long a Sunday night feature during the Mad Men season(s), is now a weekly discussion thread. We find these things are more likely when we suggest a topic, but feel free to talk among yourselves about any ol’ thing if the mood takes you.

This week’s topic is: What will you be doing on Sunday nights without Mad Men?


  39 Responses to “Open Thread/Question of the Week: Lost on Sundays”

  1. PBS will air their new tv adaption of “Poldark”, starring Aiden Turner from “Being Human”, the UK version.

  2. TCM.

  3. Standing engagement with a friend who never saw MAD MEN. One episode per week, followed by a movie we will watch together. So I’m starting over and getting to see someone discover it all anew.

  4. Here’s what I *won’t* be doing: watching Halt and Catch Fire. Or, indeed, probably any TV at all at that hour.

    • Reviews based on previews say that Halt and Catch Fire is much better this season, for what it’s worth.

    • I loved the first season of Halt and Catch Fire.

      I loved last night’s (31 May 2015) episode 201.

      Of course I’ll at least be recording every HACF season 2 episode and watch when practical.

  5. Certainly, studying the entire series anew, like it’s the the Dead Sea scrolls.

  6. I’ve had the U.S. version of House of Cards on my back burner for a while, so I’ll be watching that.

    I’m overdue for a good, long rewatch of the 90s NBC police drama, Homicide: Life on the Street, so I also plan on giving all seven seasons of that another look on DVD. I wish Netflix or Amazon Prime would add this acclaimed show to their streaming line-up. More people need a chance to appreciate this gem, than the paltry few who tuned-in during its network run.

    Also, Under the Dome will return on CBS soon, so I’ll be watching that. Also Halt and catch Fire, which returns tonight on AMC.

  7. TCM is always on in this house.
    So if Masterpiece Theater does not hold my interest I will be reading a novel by Joan Blondell.
    Yes, you read that right.

    I have a hobby of collecting books written by stars of the golden era.
    Joan Blondell was married to Dick Powell who went on to marry June Allison. Well, apparently the dirt is about to fly on page 222!

    LOL, because of the long waiting periods between Madmen seasons, I am holding on. Cannot wait for the DVD…do you guys think there will be commentaries by the cast this final time?

    • I should clarify that Joan Blondell wrote the novel as a disguised tell all. She changed the names but the characters are very distinguishable.

      Also, I can recommend – Lana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth and her daughter’s tell all, LANA: The Memories, the Myths, the Movies by Cheryl Crane.
      Poor thing did time for the murder of Johnny Stompanato….

      This is scandalous Hollywood reading at it’s best!!!!!

      • I love Ms. Blondell in the early Warner musicals.

      • I had thought she got off for that: justifiable homicide, defending her mother, or something like that.

        • The only child of actress Lana Turner
          Classification: Homicide
          Characteristics: Juvenile (14) – Defending her mother
          Number of victims: 1
          Date of murder: April 4, 1958
          Date of arrest: Same day (surrenders)
          Date of birth: July 25, 1943
          Victim profile: John “Johnny” Stompanato, 32 (her mother’s boyfriend)
          Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
          Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
          Status: The killing was ruled a justifiable homicide. Crane was made a ward of the State of California and sent to an all girls boarding school, from which she escaped in 1960. She was recaptured and then released in 1961

      • I, too, enjoy golden age Hollywood autobiographies. Check out Rosalind Russell’s “Life is a Banquet” if you’ve not read it– it’s great!

        • Yes! Roz Russell was such a good sport.
          I love how she told about hiring a comedy writer on the side to beef up the dialogue of His Girl Friday! She would meet with the writer and Cary Grant in the evenings and rework the script…and then on set make it come out like they were improvising.

          Also, so touching how she kept breast cancer from the world. Only her costume designer knew! She was so much like Auntie Mame in many ways!

          • That’s a great story for a terrific film – she was every bit the equal (maybe superior too) Cary Grant.

          • Shelley Winters’ books are loads of fun. She tells lots of great stories!

    • I am hoping beyond hope that with no Are You There, no S7.1 rush, and (I hope) Weiner’s desire to tie a big bow on everything, we will get the full treatment for S7.2 (Janie, actors, editor, DP, Hornbacher, Getzinger, Uppendahl, Abraham, Harris, and lots of Matt, who does some of the best commentaries out there).

      And why not S6, too?

      And supplements to S7.1.

  8. Will you ever do an open thread for a rewatch of the whole series? I really miss the show. I’m looking forward to season three of Orange is the New Black but it’s not until July and I don’t like the way they release the whole season at once on Netflix. I much prefer the way Mad Men was one at a time with time to really think about each episode. If Mad Men released whole seasons at a time I’d go through each in a weekend and probably miss a lot.

    • I would love it if we did a weekly rewatch and then posted discussion comments.

      How cool would it be to watch the episodes with a critical eye knowing how it’s going to end…And we can analyze the genius of Matt.

      How he planted little seeds along the way. This would be like a Matt Weiner writers’ class. Jeeze, it would be awesome

      • And we could rewatch each episode and discuss starting at 10:00 on Sunday nights. It would be fun to catch all the clues along the way and make Sunday nights less sad

    • I think a weekly rewatch will happen, but I have some killer writing projects now and am watching very little of anything. Watch this space.

  9. I am digging out my DVDs.

  10. Just watched “Halt and Catch Fire”. It is not MM by any stretch but it was a good episode.

    • Do you think Joe and Cameron have a possible future together (although I don’t think his fiancee would appreciate that)?

      • I don’t, despite their undeniable attraction to each other. I see both of them as damaged because of their loss of a parent, different reasons, but a loss none the less, that has not been resolved in a healthy way. They are both looking for people to help them resolve their loss and I doubt either one of them has the stability to help the other. I see Cameron relating to Bosworth as a father figure. And I have no idea how Joe relates to anyone except on a superficial level. And if this doesn’t sound like Dick/Don redux, I am missing something.

  11. Practicing my set aside piano pieces. Maybe taking a peek at Halt and Catch Fire. Back in the gray days I could microcode force loop a processor to do exactly that. But if they ever include screen shots of popups purported as software development or hacking tools I’m out of there.

    • NPR did a Morning Edition feature on Halt:

      The female protagonist commendably admited that auditing (or merely hanging out at) on-line programming courses did not really offer insight into coding or even computing-in-general:

      There was a period of time where I was just locked in my apartment and doing so much sort of tech-heavy research and trying to learn as much about the inner workings of a computer and just have that be second nature to me. And I emerged one day and was talking to a friend about all the work that I had been doing and they were like, “So how does a computer actually work?” And I couldn’t create an analogy. I had just consumed information but I hadn’t, you know, digested it and was able to process it and share it with them. And I realized that it might be all for naught at that point.

      On a related tangent, it’s rumored (in another NPR story) that women comprised a greater share of coders in the eighties than today. Is that true? If so, why?

      • That should read:

        “female protagonist ACTRESS”

      • I suspect it is like an actor/actress who plays a doctor on a TV show,,,they really don’t need to go to med school for 4 years and then do a 3-6 year residency to play the part. Although maybe the writers should. Or at least hire a consultant to correct the errors. There is a scene in “24” where an agent who has a serious neck wound is in the OR undergoing a repair and he has an oxygen mask on!,,, my husband and I laughed about that one,,,no anesthesia? Maybe that is why I stopped watching the show. Most technical skills are rather boring, who wants to watch that? We want the creative push of the skill, the implications not the actions. I also read a historical article recently about the early days of Hollywood and how many of the directors, writers and producers were women and this changed only when the big money started coming into the studios. So maybe when computers/internet started really being a profit making business the men flooded in?

  12. watching PBS as always and of course digging out my DVD’s and listening to the writers and cast talk about MM on them.

  13. Well in addition to losing Mad Men on Sundays, I also lost Revenge. 🙁

    My Sunday TV bright spot – Downton Abbey will take on its final season in the States on Sundays on PBS. I don’t know what I will do then. lol

  14. I am re-watching episodes with Stephanie Drake to make the Meredith Carousal video.( I could make 3 just from Season 7B).

    In S9E3 (Mystery Date) Joyce quotes Moby-Dick (quoting the Book of Job) when mentioning the sole survivor of the Chicago Nurse massacre:
    “And I only am escaped alone to tell thee”

    • As I recall Henry’s mother (?), in that episode, intimates that the motive for the whole crime was rape. Actually It was burglary, though one of the victims was raped. The nurses started coming home and he butchered them to avoid being identified.

  15. I’m watching Halt and Catch Fire and Game of Thrones, and will watch Rectify and Poldark when they begin and Masters of Sex when it resumes in July.

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