Mad Men Haiku!

 Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 7:29 am  Mad Men, Season 7
May 282015

Peter and Trudy S3a

Peter and Trudy

Are leaving on a jet plane

Yes, a thing like that!

pete trudy airplane


  11 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. Hell’s Bells Polly, I love it (again)!

  2. Don’s Enlightenment
    and all the Sixties are found
    like Fools On The Hill


    Coke on a hilltop
    on the summit is Know Ledge
    Tomorrow Never Knows

  3. Ok, you’ve inspired me Polly – here is a first:

    Three Women in life

    Ma Bell – Don, your not alone

    Peggy, Betts, Sally

  4. Pete bribed Trudy in the finale. I give them two years, tops.

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