Basket of News, May 16-22, 2015

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May 222015


Matthew Weiner spoke about the Mad Men season finale at the New York Public Library.  While we await a later sitdown with Roberta, you can read a summary on the NYPL event at The Hollywood Reporter, or watch it at Gothamist.

Jon Hamm talked about the finale with the New York Times.

Elisabeth Moss gave an exit interview to the Wall Street Journal, which also ran a piece contrasting the end of Peggy’s arc with the end of Joan’s arc.

Jay R. Ferguson talked about Stan, his beard, and Peggy with Vulture.  Jay also spoke to the Wall Street Journal and TVLine about these topics.

John Slattery talked to AMC about Roger’s transformation and what the future holds for Roger and Don.

Kiernan Shipka reflected on the end of the show — and looked to future projects — at Deadline.

January Jones Instagrammed a final thought about Betty.  Anti-smoking activist Robin Koval wrote about Betty’s fate at CNN.

Evan Arnold (Leonard) hugged it out with Slate and TIME.

Helen Slater talked to People about keeping her vow of secrecy. Brett Gelman talked to Vulture about being in Don’s circle.

“Person to Person” drew about 3.3 million viewers live and on the same day, making it the third-most-watched Mad Men episode ever by that metric.

Kudos to folks at Uproxx and Vox for guessing part of the series finale.  CNN’s Jake Tapper, not so much.

Gothamist rounded up the cultural references in “Person to Person.”

Roger Greenaway, who wrote “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” told TIME he had no idea it was even being used. (And it wasn’t product placement, for the record.)  The New York Times profiled Bill Backer, who was responsible for the iconic Coca-Cola ad.

NME picked the show’s ten most powerful musical moments (before the finale).

The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum examined Don’s epiphany.

SFist did a backgrounder on the Esalen Institute.  The institute did not let Mad Men film there, but its president, Gordon Wheeler, is quoted in a Monterey Journal story on the nearby filming of “Person to Person.”

Hanna Rosin wrote about the sex scenes and the sexual revolution in Mad Men.

January Jones, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, Kiernan Shipka, Kevin Rahm, Christopher Stanley and Jay R. Ferguson all discussed which cast members with whom they would have liked more scenes. The Mad Men cast also talked about where they would be for the end of the series that made their careers. (via Mad Chick)  THR also covered the cast’s finale party.  The cast also discussed their favorite scenes at AMC.

Bryan Batt shared behind-the scenes photos at Esquire.

Vox pondered whether Don Draper and Pete Campbell committed different versions of the same sin.

Vulture wrote about how the media shoved Mad Men down the world’s throat; Vox explains why they did.

Six Mad Men writers told Vulture about the favorite scenes they wrote.  Flavorwire compiles feminist writers’ thoughts on MM scenes that made them cheer…or broke their hearts.

THR’s Tim Goodman picked his 10 favorite episodes (before the finale), while BuzzFeed’s Kate Arthur ranked all 90 episodes from “good” to perfect.” You will disagree with her rankings.

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) used the end of Mad Men to help pitch paid family leave.

Mad Men propmistress Ellen Freund talked to Variety about her challenging job. (via Polly Draper)

At Slate, a Harvard Business School professor analyzed Don Draper like a HBS case study. (via magenta)

The Atlantic’s web site published Ken Cosgrove’s short story “Tapping a Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning.” (via Polly Draper)

The Walking Dead Insiders’ Club picked the most shocking moments of Season 5.

Norman Reedus speculates about Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson talked with THR about why Fear isn’t really a prequel, rumors of Jenner’s return and if any of the flagship’s stars — past or present — will crossover, and more.  Erickson also broke it down to TVLine.

Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks stopped by the Los Angeles Times’ studio recently to talk about the Breaking Bad spinoff and, in particular, the stellar episode, “Five-O,” in which we learn the events that brought Banks’ tough guy character, Mike Ehrmantraut, to Albuquerque all those years ago.

[BTW, this is my final week gathering the Basket of News.  I’ve enjoyed this gig, but real life is causing me to trim back some of my online commitments. I will try to stop by to comment, and perhaps write a few things here in the future.  I have given Deborah notes on how I did my part, so that my successor can do it even better.  I thank the Lipps so very much for the opportunity and the community.  And I thank all of you in the community, particularly those of you who contributed news — Polly Draper, Mad Chick, Smiler G and Hollis in particular, but everyone who shared their information and love of quality television with me here at the Basket.  –Karl]

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  1. You have my enormous thanks, Karl, for a fantastic job. I used to do the News myself–I did it irregularly, whenever the pile of links got too big. You cleaned it up, made it predictable, and took a job off my plate at a time when the blog was its busiest. Thank you so much!

    Anyone who wishes to take over Karl’s job here will inherit his instruction document AND my gratitude. Please email me!

  2. Thank you so much, Karl for spreading the news on the Basket and especially doing so with your own little swirl!

    • The “swirl.” Heh. Someone actually said that to Matt Weiner when he was working a sitcom, btw.

      • I knew you would know that, and that Kinsey said that to Peggy when she saved him on the Aqua-net ad! You’re the best, Karl!

  3. John Slattery’s 1988 TV commercial for Sports Illustrated has been found on You Tube (linked in story below):

    The article speculates it may have been his first big job.

  4. From Slattery AMC Q&A:

    (On mementos from the series)

    (I really coveted but I didn’t take a round cigarette plunger ) — that was in Draper’s office and that was in an episode I directed. In the episode, one of the secretaries picks it up and whips it at Don and it misses his head and hits a photograph and it crashes and everything. She got it in one take. It was amazing, She almost took his head off.

    HAH! Roger didn’t know Alison’s name – nor does Slattery!

    Q: Do you think that when Don and Roger are old men, they’ll live in a retirement home together?

    A: Making moves on nurses. I think Don would be dragging Roger around. Roger would have had a stroke, and he’ll be typing with his toe and Don will be trying to use him as a sympathy tool.

    Old convalescent cripple as wingman – Funny Guy

    Q: You’ll be appearing on the Wet Hot American Summer TV show with Jon Hamm. Did you guys slip into “Roger and Don” mode?

    A: No. [Laughs] I am anything but Roger in my incarnation in that show. And I didn’t see Hamm’s scene, but I know that who he’s playing isn’t anything like who he is on Mad Men.

    Checking IMDB – Slattery didn’t mention that Rich Sommer’s in (8) episodes (like Hamm). Cooper barely knows Crane in that series either!

  5. Monday is the 50th anniversary of the Ali vs. LIPTON fight and the events in The Suitcase.

  6. Thanks, Karl, for all the Mad Men newsbits you served up over the seasons!

    • The link to “Don Draper’s search for a mother” is especially insightful and a must-read.

      • I,too, found it insightful. It reminded me of the Romantic poet Shelly’s concept of “negative capability”. He thought that Shakespeare had essentially no personality of his own and, as a consequence, could identify with and understand any personality type, perfectly.

        • I haven’t read anything quite like this psychologist’s perspective, tho there must be others out there. I thought for that reason it was worth posting. Don’s definitely a case. 🙂

      • This dovetails with the he research in pediatric psychology about neglected/abused children. I have wondered how different Dons life would have been had the midwife taken him to a family who wanted a child or even an orphanage rather than the poison environment he found himself. And as a major/minor point, how did the midwife know who the father was, surely Archey wasn’t the only customer.

        • How, indeed?

          The setup was that Don’s “mom” told Archie that if he knocked her up she’d “cut off his dick and boil it in hog fat”. Later, in labor, she mutttered the same thing.

          The midwife didn’t know, but was told that (so I infer). One could also infer that “mom” was not a “pro” – had only ‘known’ Archie (to use the KJV term) with the right timing.

          • I had the impression this was a small town, and I guarantee you in a small town, everybody knows everything.

          • I watched that episode recently and saw that in Don’s hallucination, Don’s “Mom” agreed to “service” Archie although he did not have the extra 25 cents for the prophylactic.

            Both of the hallucinated “Moms” kind of looked like Diana.

  7. Thanks to Karl and everyone who sends in links to articles.

    Meanwhile I went to the Time Life Building and visited the Don Draper bench. I plan to go back for a photo, wearing my mother-in-law’s vintage Burberry and a head scarf — and some white gloves if I can find them.
    My mother-in-law had a kitchen exactly like Betty’s.

  8. Whoops, sorry! Just noticed at least one of my links in the News

  9. Ad Age collected “tweets by bands during the Mad Men finale”

    The Esquire piece on 100 ways Mad Men might end is still funny.

  10. Thank you, Karl!!! You always did such a great job with this. And thank you for the shout-out, too!!! I’m glad I was able to find some things to contribute. 🙂

    I know I speak for many when I say that, despite your other commitments, we certainly hope to see you around here whenever/however you can be!!!

  11. Reading the Jay Ferguson interview, I always got the feeling that Stan was one of the few people in the office that Don actually liked.

  12. Has anyone heard any news about when this season’s DVD will be released?

    • Probably in time for the holiday gift-giving frenzy is my best guess….maybe with a collector’s edition of all seasons for a small fortune,too.

      • The whole thing ought to be in the can by now – they wrapped eight months ago. I’ll say this – no S6 and S7.2 commentaries – no money.

        (one would think AMC would pay, if not Weiner and the actors, the directors to do them for the missing 20 episodes)

        • I agree that these are already in the can, but I am guessing that they will wait to distribute these for the holiday gift-giving season. It is hurry up and wait….sigh.

        • I’m with you on this.

          Over the seasons, I’ve purchased the individual DVD sets. Despite S-6 not having commentary tracks, I got it anyway – if only for purposes of having a complete set. As I recall, no actors participated in the S7-a DVD commentaries – a disappointment, but better than nothing. In the meantime, I got a Blu-Ray player. If MM is released in a deluxe boxed set at some point, I won’t buy it if there aren’t S-6 commentary tracks added to those discs.

          • After having purchased multiple sets of DVD’s (usually online, Costco, or BestBuy brick-n-mortar specials) and given them away, I got pre-owned Seasons 1-5 in BluRay.

            Played them on a sub-$100 player and a 50-inch LED (about $550 two years ago) and got that fabulous lighting, cinematography, richly colored and detailed.

            It’s a freakin’ miracle.

            I’m sure, if AMC calls my bluff, that I’ll break down and pick up Season six anyway – but I’ll hold out for more “specials”.

  13. ‘Mad Men’ Debuts Its Own Don Draper-Worthy Emmy Ads — the campaign to remind Emmy voters that there have been NO Emmy awards for acting throughout Mad Men’s run begins June 1st and the last chance is here….

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