May 162015

farewell to Mad Men

 The Television Academy — those folks who bring you the Emmy’s — are hosting a live stream event:  Farewell to Mad Men.  The live stream begins at 2:00pm PDT on Sunday, May 17th and several of the cast and crew will appear on the panel.

To submit your questions to the moderator, Debra Birnbaum, Executive Editor, TV for Variety: or @TelevisionAcad  

To watch the live stream,




  9 Responses to “Live Stream — Farewell to Mad Men!”

  1. Anyone tuning in?

  2. i am!

    have to say that i am seeing that s7 part i does establish a lot that i missed bc of gap, betty never is w out a cigarette, and i seethe whole metaphor of the arrival of the computer for the fact that theyre headed to become part of the machine of mccann. plus, the whole idea of during a publicity photo shoot for scdp don is annoyed that his office is switched around fby photographer, and it picks up on imminent arrival of lou avery, etc. also,, there are tons of pointed comments that i missed by having seen the first part last year.

    also, my friends n i are (sadly) predicting tonight will start at betty’s funeral to bring everyone together…plus, im wondering if the sombrero in don’s office is a foreshadowing of where he is headed.

    • I agree! I have been watching bits and pieces of the marathon and thinking about the last episodes everything is coming together. I thought I did have predictions for the finale, but thinking about it, really almost anything could happen and it would make sense.

  3. ooops! just saw that we r to email our preditctions…dont know how to delete my last comment!

  4. Kiernan Shipka is so poised! I want to be her when I grow-up!

  5. This is great stuff. Hope people got to see it.

    • Could not agree more — I hope it appears on YouTube at some point. I think the Television Academy will have still photos and excerpts on their website early this coming week.

  6. Here are photos from this event:

    And video clips about:

    Jon Hamm’s idea for a Sally spinoff:

    Matt Weiner on the last chapter:

    Christina Hendricks’ lessons from Joan:

    Elizabeth Moss’ evolution of Peggy:

    Jessica Pare’s Zou Bisou Bisou moment:

    John Slattery’s Roger is more than one-liners:

    January Jones’ Betty’s most difficult scenes:

    Vincent Kartheiser’s Pete’s best pitch:

    Kiernan Shipka’s Growing up in the Mad Men acting school:

    And, the following segments from the crew, including production design, direction, costumes, photography, hair, make up, casting, etc

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