Basket of News, May 8-15, 2015

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May 152015

The final trailer.

Kevin Rahm talked to Roberta; here’s Part One.  (He also talks to The Hollywood Reporter.)

Matthew Weiner did exit interviews with the New York Times, and Maclean‘s.  Matt also returned to Nerdist for a terrific podcast, including his comparison of The Graduate to Blue Velvet.

Janet Leahy, Lisa Albert, Erin Levy, Carly Wray, and Semi Chellas talk to Fortune about Mad Men, sexism in Hollywood and what it’s really like in the writers room.

Tonight, SundanceTVs’ Behind The Story with the Paley Center features the cast of Mad Men.

Gothamist unpacks the cultural references on “The Milk and Honey Route.”  The Wichita Eagle covered Kansas and talks to Learjet’s former director of public relations.

January Jones talks to USA Today about going from the end of Mad Men to the end of the world. Unsurprisingly, after taking “The Milk and Honey Route,” Indiewire, BuzzFeed and Bustle are all about the Betty.

Alison Brie phoned Vulture to talk about Trudy’s latest turn, Community’s newfound edge, and tease Sleeping With Other People.

Vincent Kartheiser talks to Spinoff Online about his first day on Mad Men, Pete’s fate, and his hairline. Also, as noted by Basketcase Pamela D, Vincent turned up in a very special Inside Amy Schumer.

Elisabeth Moss talks to Vulture about Peggy’s arrival at McCann-Erickson.

Christopher Stanley talks to Under The Radar about Henry Francis, Betty, and the end of the era.

Jessica Paré talks to Maclean’s about the process of working on the show.

Carter Jenkins talks to WhoSay about becoming an aspiring grifter on “The Milk and Honey Route.”

Paul Johansson does a wide-ranging interview with Uproxx about Ferg Donnelly, the Mad Men casting process, Matt Weiner’s obsession with secrecy, his days as a Canadian basketball star, modern technology, and hyper-Americanism, among other things.

Christina Hendricks tells Los Angeles Confidential she still hasn’t said goodbye to Joan.  It’s one reason she’s gone blonde.

Patrick Fischler revisits Jimmy Barrett with The A.V. Club and TV Line.

Rolling Stone ranks Mad Men’s 50 most memorable characters.  HitFix ranks their top 20 episodes.

Production began on Fear the Walking Dead.

We now know what happened to Huell after the Breaking Bad finale.

Vince Gilligan won $14,900 on Celebrity Jeopardy! for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond.

Peter Gould was the in-depth guest on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, talking Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Michael McKean talks to the L.A. Times about betrayal and brotherly love on Better Call Saul.

Arthur Albert, the cinematographer for Better Call Saul and The Last Man on Earth, talks to Deadline about the BCS‘s dark look.

Mad Men, Better Call Saul, Downton Abbey, and The Walking Dead all figure in Vulture’s list of the year’s memorable TV moments.

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  20 Responses to “Basket of News, May 8-15, 2015”

  1. Huell’s scene makes me wonder if Don will go back to untie Bobbie Barrett in the final episode.

  2. Apparently, Rolling Stone considers Bob Benson forgettable.

    • How is that even possible? And Bobbie Barrett fails to make the cut?? I did have to take another look at the “Woman on the Train” scene as I couldn’t recall who she was. It had been ages since I’d watched the “Nixon vs. Kennedy” episode…I had completely forgotten that Dick wet his pants as his post was being bombarded — a connect-the-dot to Freddie Rumson! Every viewing of every episode reveals another level of detail to me.

      • Wow, both namesakes left at the train station. You should write RS a letter.

        • You can tell it’s a list written by people who are not emotionally invested in the show.. The “johnny-come-latelies” who just don’t understand..we have to let it go…

    • Trudy #49?? Harry 48??? behind Bethany Van Nuys (at 47) and Joy (34) and dozens of other guest characters????

      Duck at 31 – Mark Moses rocked every line he had – and he had lots of them.

      They got their token black character – but the wrong one (hint, NOT the one who overnighted at Peggy’s).

      They’ve got Ida Blankenship but not Don’s old vict, uh, secretary – Alison – who showed she has a good arm.

      Lists like these are always fraught with problems – no big deal – but really, why not ask a real heavy hitter to do something like this (can you spell Lipp?).

    • What about Bob & (Bobbie) & Ted & Alice?

      Oh, Alice Cooper is in there (can HER name be a coincidence?)

    • Where is Carla???

      • I loved Carla!

        How about Francine? I loved her scenes commiserating with Betty…my fav was when Francine comes to Betty’s house to find out what led to Betty slapping Glen’s mother in the grocery store (“Red in the Face” episode). Francine lies about why she is stopping by, then notices Betty is drinking wine in the middle of the day and asks if she is having a party. Betty lies back to Francine… she is planning a party and is trying the wine to “develop her palate.” Francine SHB on the Top 50 for sure.

        I stumbled across “13 Moments When Betty Draper Didn’t Give a F%$k”…worth the visit. I’m still in mourning over Betty’s news. 🙁

    • What about Shelley the Stewardess who picks up Don on the flight to Baltimore? (S3E1)

  3. I watched that trailer at my desk at work and started to get misty eyed…

    • Same here — even though having to sing that Paul Anka song is one of my least favorite high-school chorus memories 🙂

  4. Cast and crew thank-you to Matt at the end of Season 3: There is a break in the middle- be sure to watch the whole five minutes!

  5. “Janet Leahy, Lisa Albert, Erin Levy, Carly Wray, and Semi Chellas talk to Fortune about Mad Men, sexism in Hollywood and what it’s really like in the writers room”

    The article above links to the following tumblr blog, whose title speaks for itself.

  6. The Atlantic Monthly has “published” Kenny Cosgrove’s short story “Tapping a Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning” How cool is that?

  7. Really interesting video interview with Mad Men prop master Ellen Freund as she explains her attention to detail and how she procured so many of those amazing original 1960s and 1970s artifacts and which were replicated.

  8. Two gems I have discovered this weekend:

    Don Draper’s story written as a Harvard Business School case study from Slate:

    Mad Men and Google Play team up for a retrospective:

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