Mad Men Haiku!

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May 142015

bye birdie 2

Bye bye, Birdie….bye.

So, do what you have to do.

“I’ll always come home.”

Don and Sally


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  1. Bravo Polly! You connected dots that completely escaped me. I hold out hope that you are right about Don coming home to care for his kids. I do wonder if Betty wants Don to care for the kids or whether she would be more comfortable with Henry as their father figure. Perhaps Betty’s comment to Sally that Henry will fall apart (or words to that effect) is foreshadowing of her parental preference. Undoubtedly the finale will require a full box of tissues. Many thanks Polly for all your posts, especially your Thursday haiku.

    • Thanks, Bob’s shorts, and I enjoy your posts as well!

      I keep thinking about the last line of “Shut the Door. Have a seat,” when Betty is talking to Don on the phone and she says, “You’ll always be their father.”

  2. Why didn’t I think of that?? My goodness!!!

  3. Excellent! As Pee Wee Herman used to say, “La la la, connect the dots….”

  4. My two:
    How do you see blue?
    Bathtub-cold to your lying?
    My shade for dying.
    Yellow is my thing:
    Bows on my dress and roses;
    Sunbeams but no ring.

    • I have a question about the last one. Yellow makes me think of Peggy, but roses make me think of Joan. Who is it supposed to be about?

      • Betty.
        While Don was with Suzanne Farrell in The Color Blue, Betty was in the bathtub reading Ship of Fools, or something, and that haunting love medley by David Carbonara was playing.
        The EXACT same theme was playing in Love Among the Ruins, when Don first eyed Ms. Farrell at Sally’s school picnic dance.
        Don ran his hands along the grass in (as what Fitzgerald might say; ‘Orgiastic fashion’.)
        At that moment a pregnant Betty sat next to Don wearing a pretty yellow dress.

        • She was reading “The Group” in the bathtub. She read “Ship of Fools” on the sofa of the livingroom of the Ossining house.

      • The first one (blue) is about Betty.

        The second one (yellow) is about Peggy, who wore yellow as one of her “power colors” and had yellow roses on her wall and embroidered on her slips. But Peggy didn’t get a gold ring (at least, not yet–there’s still another episode).

  5. Sorry these observations aren’t in haiku, but here goes:

    Remember one of Don’s final comments to Betty when he calls her from the makeshift office in The Pierre in “Shut the Door, Have a Seat” (last ep of Season 3)? He said to her, “I hope you get what you always wanted.”

    Then in the third-to-last ep of the final season, when Don shows up at the Francis house in Rye to (try to) take Sally back to school, he comes across Betty studying her psychology at the kitchen table, and she tells him, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

    So Don’s wish for Betty, and Betty’s hopes for herself, did indeed come true.

    Neither of them even thought to include “happily ever after.”

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