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May 122015

Press release, take it away!




Every Episode of the Award-Winning Series Will Air in Order

Beginning with the Pilot Episode on Wednesday, May 13th at 6:00pm ET/PT, and

Leading into the Series Finale on Sunday, May 17th at 10:00pm ET/PT


To Pay Homage to “Mad Men,” All of AMC’s Sister Networks – BBC AMERICA, IFC, SundanceTV and WE tv – Will Suspend Regular Programming and Air a Special Message in Honor of “Mad Men” Timed to the Series Finale on AMC

NEW YORK, NY – May 12, 2015 – In celebration of the iconic, award-winning series, and in anticipation of the final episode, AMC will air a marathon of all seven seasons of the entire “Mad Men” series, which is produced by Lionsgate, in consecutive order beginning on Wednesday, May 13th at 6:00pm ET/PT and leading into the “Mad Men” series finale on Sunday, May 17th at 10:00pm ET/PT.

To pay homage to “Mad Men’s” esteemed place in television history, all of AMC’s sister networks – BBC AMERICA, IFC, SundanceTV and WE tv – will forego regularly scheduled programming for one hour timed to the “Mad Men” finale and instead air a special message commemorating the series.

Launching during the five-day “Mad Men” on-air event is the all-new ‘Times of Your Life’ spot – the final promo for the series. The beautiful retrospective piece, set to the popular song that was also used in a 1970s Kodak ad campaign, is presented from Don Draper’s perspective and features memorable, moving scenes from the series. The spot, which uses the Paul Anka version of the song, will debut on Wednesday, May 13th and will also serve as the curtain raiser for the final episode, airing immediately prior to the series finale on Sunday, May 17th.

Additionally, AMC will air vintage promos from past seasons of the series, celebrity fan tributes and interview footage from recent “Mad Men” red carpet events.  In addition, spots showcasing important first moments from the series will air in between episodes, as well as a sequence of “Madvertising” vignettes – facts and famous quotes about the advertising industry.

“Turning AMC over to ‘Mad Men’ and airing every episode of every season as a lead-in to the finale on Sunday seems a fitting way to continue celebrating what this series has meant to the fans, to television and to our network,” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “We are also enormously appreciative of our sister networks who are paying tribute to this remarkable program that has had such an impact on our entire company.”

Off-air, as part of the “Mad Men” finale celebration, AMC is partnering with Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization, to host a “Mad Men” Live Read and screening of the series finale on Sunday, May 17th in Los Angeles.  The one-of-a-kind event will include a Jason Reitman-directed live read of the classic “Mad Men” season one finale, “The Wheel,” featuring a surprise celebrity cast taking on the iconic “Mad Men” roles, followed by a screening of the series finale with the cast and creator/writer/director/executive producer, Matthew Weiner.

On AMC.com, AMC will be unveiling “Mad Men: The Fan Cut,” a version of the show’s pilot episode re-created by everyday fans and filmmakers commissioned by AMC. The complete re-imagined episode will also be available on madmenfancut.com and YouTube.


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  1. My DVR will be filled up by 11:15 pm Sunday night.

  2. This makes me want to cry.

  3. Vix- I just cancelled all my other recordings and reset my DVR to record “ALL SHOWS” for my all-time favorite.

    • I cleared out my queue and did the same thing, Peg. T-1.

      As Karl would say…..and away we go (or whatever it is he says when an episode is starting).

  4. Let the tears begin….


  5. I don’t know which is worse, trying to convince myself that it really is not ending and will be back next spring; or, a nearly fifty-eight year old man being so upset by the ending of a TV show.

    As someone whose memories of television go back to 1960, I will simply say that in my humble opinion Mad Men has no peer.

    • Agreed, Old Fashioned. I am bereft, but thankful for the journey this exquisite series has provided for us.

  6. Not for nuthin’ but, gee, thanx a lot AMC.
    Breaking Bad got and Walking Dead gets the back to back marathons
    at the drop of a season opener or closer, and all Mad Men ever got was the
    Sunday morning 6 AM slot after the Three Stooges.

    But I’m not gonna be all Pete-like and complain about not getting what I want, when I want it.
    I’m gonna be like Peggy and be happy for the Vermouth they give me.

    As a bit of a Labor of Love I’ve transcried the times of my personal favorites coming up in
    The Marathon. I didn’t include every episode, but this should never-the-less be a little
    helpful to anyone wondering when their favorite episode might air.

    wED. 6 PM Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    11:25 PM Babylon
    THUR 1:36 AM The Hobo Code
    2:42 AM Shoot
    5:59 AM Nixon v Kennedy
    7:05 AM The Wheel
    12:35 PM The New Girl
    1:41 PM Maidenform
    2:47 PM The Gold Violin
    5:01 PM Six Month Leave
    7:14 PM The Jet Set
    9:25 PM Meditations in an Emergecy
    FRI 12:41 AM My Old Kentucky Home
    3:59 AM Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency
    6:10 AM Souvenir
    9:26 AM The Gypsy and the Hobo
    11:37 AM Shut the Door, Have a Seat
    5:07 PM The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
    7:19 PM The Suitcase
    9:31 PM The Beautiful Girls
    SAT 1:55 AM Tomorrowland
    3:01 AM A Little Kiss (Part 1)
    6:17 AM Mystery Date
    7:23 AM Signal 30
    8:29 AM Far Away Places
    9:35 AM At the Codfish Ball
    12:52 PM Christmas Waltz
    3:04 PM Commissions and Fees
    7:28 PM The Collaborators
    10:46 PM For Immediate Release
    SUN 12:58 AM The Crash
    4:17 AM Favors
    6:29 AM In Care Of
    10:53 AM The Monolith
    11:58 AM The Runaways
    1:04 PM The Strategy
    2:09 PM Waterloo
    3:16 PM Severence
    4:23 PM New Business
    5:29 PM The Forecast
    6:35 PM Time & Life
    7:42 PM Lost Horizon
    8:48 PM The Milk and Honey Route
    10:00 PM Person to Person

  7. Love this list, Dragon! It closely mirrors my own.

    Let’s all list our top tenners, shall we? HARD task.

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