Happy Mother’s Day

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May 102015

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  1. smoke ’em if you got ’em Mrs. Betty.

  2. Personally, this bad-ass Mother’s Day pic certainly made this mother’s day. I cannot wait to see what tonight’s episode holds for us.

  3. I love this photo!
    When I was a teenager my mother discovered I had picked up the smoking habit.

    Her response was much like Betty!

    She said, “If you are going to smoke…make them Salems, in case I run out”!!!

    I miss my mother.

  4. That’s what the money, er I mean, the mother’s day card is for!

  5. If I smoked when I was 16, I’d be toasted.

  6. I was going to prepare something using a photo of my all-time favorite Myra Turley, but I think you bested me. Nice pull!

  7. How prophetic. Sad

  8. Happy Mother’s Day D

    is there a final Mad Men party?

    I might fly out

  9. i think the pic is great…truly one of those “mad men” images that stick with the audience for so many reasons!

    as an aside, i always am bothered by the unnatural way that betty holds her cigarette, etc., bc it always so clear that she is not a “real” smoker…the way that sally holds her cigarette is in direct contrast and looks more believable…actually, sally holds her cigarette like don does…fingers relaxed, etc…

    in light of the outcome of betty’s smoking / cancer,a i felt a little guilty saying this, but then i realized that it’s not betty who i am citing; it’s january jones!! lol

  10. I missed this post on Sunday and just saw it for the first time. Although I can see why Deborah chose it for Mother’s Day (it sums up so much about Betty and Sally), I also believe that her choice of this photo reflects the way all of us saw Betty’s smoking all along but never allowed ourselves to envision the consequences. It’s astonishing how much the meaning of the picture changes from what it is before The Milk and Honey Route to what it is after. The picture also represents the complex relationship between Betty and Sally and what they mean to one another, which we get more insight to in Milk and Honey.

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