Basket of News, May 2-7, 2015

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May 082015

Matthew Weiner sits for an interview with Matt Zoller Seitz at The Jewish Heritage Museum. (via Polly Draper)

Matt also talked about the end of the road for Don and the show on Fresh Air.

Mad Men is going out with a bang, setting a series of events for the evening of the show’s May 17 finale.

As the end of Mad Men looms, Uproxx presents its theory of Don’s fate, while the Daily Beast (via Hollis) revisits a years-old theory.

Gothamist unpacks the cultural references in “Lost Horizon.”

The Bowery Boys also noted the debut of McCloud, Betty’s textbook, Dow’s advertising, and Don’s fake fridge.

Phil Abraham speaks to THR about filming his final episode of the series, what it means for Don and how he instantly knew that scene with Peggy would play well with fans.

Vox has not one, but two pieces on Mad Men‘s more surreal moments.  Also, not one, but two pieces on McCann-Erickson’s role in the series.  And a piece on the tragedy of Joan.

Aaron Staton talks to AMC about Ken Cosgrove’s infamous tap dancing scene and keeping his eyepatch after filming.

Kevin Rahm told HuffPost Live he doesn’t know how the show ends.

Jessica Paré talks to Postmedia about the Draper apartment and divorce.

Kiernan Shipka talked about Fan Girl, one of her first post-Mad Men projects, at the Bentonville Film Festival.

Jon Hamm plans a High Wire Act.

Christina Hendricks has snapped up a swank midtown apartment in NYC.

Rich Sommer is raising money for a library in Stillwater, MN.

ThinkProgress evaluated Joan’s threat to Jim Hobart.

AMC Networks reported improved first-quarter financial, with help from The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

AdWeek and AMC’s Charlie Collier talk about life after Mad Men.

Fear the Walking Dead is sort of inspired by actual events, according to executive producer Greg Nicotero.

Mercedes Mason (ChuckThe Finder) has been added as a series regular to Fear the Walking Dead.

Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel Stokes)is facing several charges after a traffic stop in Peachtree City on Sunday.

It was also a bad weekend for Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese).  He later apologized.

The Americans, Homeland, and Game of Thrones are among the nominees for the 5th annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards.  Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks were nominated in the acting categories.

Josh Charles and Maggie Grace will grace the cast of Masters of Sex.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.


  11 Responses to “Basket of News, May 2-7, 2015”

  1. Any idea if the “going out with a bang” festivities will be available for viewing after the fact? I certainly hope so!

  2. First, I would like to thank Deborah and Roberta for all their great work over these past years. They made watching — and commenting upon — Mad Men so much fun.

    Now, before the phenomenon called Mad Men ends its first run and takes its place in TV history, I would just like to remind folks of another related exit from the scene a few years ago.

    During the first three seasons of Mad Men, a brilliant writer named J. Kristin Ament would post on her blog the most hilarious satirical takes on the previous week’s episode just days after its broadcast.

    Why she left the scene at that time, I do not know. But, almost all of her presentations can still be found at the link below. She called her efforts the “Attention Deficit Theatre,” and I looked forward to
    reading them almost as much as taking in the actualMad Men episode.

    One proviso: Once you click on the link, each episode’s further link appears in reverse chronological order and, for some reason, the link to the most recent piece (Season 3, Episode 13, “Shut the Door, Have a Seat”) does not work. But, all of the rest do, and they are great. Enjoy, and “Thanks, Kristin, wherever you are.”

  3. Not sure if this was mentioned anywhere but I caught Vincent Kartheiser in an Amy Schumer skit. LOL!

  4. “Basket” owners, I thank you. Hosting such a lovely and entertaining forum on the wild interwebs cannot have been easy. Your wealth of insight added a true basket of kisses to an amazing piece of television art.

    As for Mad Men, is it really almost over? Having lived a sixties Ad-girl childhood I’ve always felt closest to Mad Men when writing targeted common ad-era lifestyle choices that reflected a slightly creepy “how did the writers know that happened” aura back to the viewer. IMO the last three seasons have accomplished this on-point with a pirouette. Also many thanks to Mr. Weiner for the 60’s style eye feasts and for reminding me why a career as a system’s analyst felt clean in comparison to my parent’s jet set of ad execs and clients.

    As for the show’s ending. Well, if it’s cornball like some theories bouncing around out there I guess we’ll survive and life will go on.

    For me there’s only ever been one possible Mad Men conclusion. I’ll always imagine Don and Peggy, after so many years fighting toward success separately finally going for it together. They’ve been the parallel couple who have always accepted and supported one another from separate offices. Always there to pick each other up through it all but never realizing that they’re perfect together. Our do-over Don and the fearless Peggy headed west (LA? Chicago?) to build their own dream together – that’s it for me.

    But if Pete decides to jump out of an airplane over Reno, I’m cool with that.


    • Mad Men is almost over. Basket of Kisses is not. We will continue to write about Mad Men (analysis, period pieces, etc.), about our other shows, and we will follow Matt Weiner’s future projects, as well as Jon Hamm, Lizzie Moss, et al.


  5. “Kevin Rahm told HuffPost Live he doesn’t know how the show ends.”

    Not quite a spoiler – but Rahm said that only the five core players got the last 20 minutes (20 pages?) of the last episode. They were excluded from the table read.

    Infer as you will.

  6. Back in the 1980s, when ‘Dallas’ was the big thing on TV, one season ended with the “J.R. gets shot” cliffhanger. All Summer long, everybody wondered: “Who shot J.R.?” but we had to wait until the new TV season to find out.

    That fall, the new season finally arrived – and it arrived about five or six hours sooner than on the U.S. East coast, on British TV. This was long before Internet social media, so people who wanted to sniff out the secret, had to use a landline phone and call somewhere over there, to find out.

    I believe that Mad Men airs on British TV. If they’re at the same point in the series as we are over here, should we expect a flood of details about the show’s finale, hitting the Internet on the afternoon of Sunday, May 17th? MW and many fans of the show HATE spoilers, so if what I’m asking about is a genuine scenario, tell us now so we can just avoid everything on the Internet except BOK. I’d hate to have taken this seven season journey and have the ending be ruined this way!

  7. “Matthew Weiner sits for an interview with Matt Zoller Seitz at The Jewish Heritage Museum.”

    Listen for Roberta’s question at 1:37:31 ! She got a hand from Matt and the crowd when she identified herself as being from BOK.

  8. I have a dream where MM cast members show up at the museum of moving images for the party. (I know… Just a fantasy). But since they’ll be in LA for scheduled festivities, I’ll try to let go…
    I would love to be able to watch that table read!!

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