Mad Men Haiku!

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May 072015

Peggy day 1

She was the new girl

You came a long way, baby

Take no prisoners!

Peggy swagger 2


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  1. Although, if I were to take a quiz I’m sure I would be a Betty, everything in me wants to be 1970 Peggy… I love that picture so much…

  2. Peggy has worked with Don Draper long enough to learn how to make an impression. The question is what kind of impression. Bad Ass is not the impression that will work with Jim, Ferg and the rest of the boys. Peggy, if she survives having a job today, will change McCann only by showing her competence. Peggy is trying to make an impression, what that impression is I don’t know. It won’t be what we expect. Peggy like Don is the square peg in the round hole. Don sometimes was Dick Whitman is a Brooks Brothers suit. Peggy hasn’t forgotten that in 1960 Joan told her she dresses like a little girl. She looks like the female Dick Whitman in the picture.

    • IMHO Peggy has always allowed her competence to speak for her, and has succeeded in a male-dominated world with the respect (sometimes grudging) of her creative counterparts. However she’s always dressed in a way to minimize herself and not draw attention. I love the idea of her exterior being an expression of her bad-ass abilities, and I think she’s going to knock them dead at McCann. The d-bags we’ve seen so far have been clustered in Accounts (which seems appropriate – Hello there Pete!), my guess is that creative is going to be a lot more tolerant of a bad-ass woman. She’ll still have ideas stolen from her and she’ll have to fight, but from day one (or really day 5, in terms of trying to get to McCann and her new role) she’s showing she’s got the fight in her.

      • Peggy has also been astute in her ability to incorporate the advice of others into her way of being in the world. This is an important aspect of socialization and speaks to her EQ, or emotional quotient.
        Her incorporation of advice (both good and bad advice) has become more discerning as she has matured. Joan told her on day one to take a hard look at herself to make sure she was attractive to the men in the office. Peggy may have done so, but discovered that her skill set was in another realm (not to discount her appearance). Bobbie Barrett told her to pick a job and become a person who did that job, so she did that to a fair amount of success. The push and pull of her relationship with Don has helped her to grow immensely. Finally, Roger gives her the push she needs to jump off of the boat by telling her that she is not responsible for making anyone feel comfortable, let alone men.

        I have no doubt that by 1985, her name is on some building somewhere.

    • Another function of that look is that it constitutes armor – a way to not let them see her sweat (and she’s sweating for sure).

      Unlike Pete, she has worked for someone else – but that someone was Ted Choaugh, who pitched her expertly and followed up with frank admiration and professional treatment. Getting swept in to the enemy saugage factory is daunting.

  3. My favorite haiku so far! If these last two episodes don’t end well for Peggy, I’d like to burn this place down 😉 I’m feeling good about our ballerina, though.

  4. Ma would definitely not approve of Peaches’ new look, especially Bert’s painting!

    • Ma …That is someone I would like to see before the end of everything…. just a 30 second phone conversation would be enough……..

      • If you watched “Breaking Bad, ” you saw Myra Turley (Peggy’s Ma) as the nurse with the alphabet board caring for Tio Salamanca. “Do you have to go poopie?”

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