Friends in Advertising

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May 072015

jimA good friend of mine, actor-writer Jim Todd, recently had some fun doing a background gig on Mad Men. He appeared in Lost Horizon, the episode we watched last weekend. Jim’s the guy on the right, two down from Ted Chaough. He joked that he really should get Emmy consideration for the way he turned the pages at the meeting!


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  1. last night, my friends and I re-watched ‘mad men’ <<little 'club' we've made up for discussion points! πŸ™‚

    anyway, we all zeroed in on your friend jim todd because we were trying to determine if only he and don were wearing jackets in the meeting. we felt that don couldn't be the "only one" who resists the environment, so we decided it was the jackets that showed their way of not following the drone / lemming/ sheople quality of the machine of McCann who all wore "shirt sleeves."

    • Good observations! Don really does rebel against what he sees as the “factory” environment at McCann, doesn’t he?

      People talk about “Drinking the Kool-Aid”* – Don doesn’t want to drink the Coca-Cola.

      *Although I realize this phrase post-dates Don:

      • Yep. He likes Nesbitt’s I think. πŸ™‚

        • ETA, I first noticed coke cans when Don came back last year. And at the McCann meeting, all the coke cans at the conference table, in addition to representing the fact that Coke is a McCann account, (and the conformity) and was used twice to lure Don to McCann: is on a larger level a symbol of the bigger companies swallowing up the small.

          It’s about this time that all the soda companies, like Nesbitt’s get crushed under the big two or three companies. Just like SC&P, just like the all the ad agencies and just like what’s starting to happen then in American business that really gets out of hand by the 80s.

          The kind of business that brings us the Mitt Romneys of the world and turns half of America into depression like circumstances and the other half the roaring twenties before the crash. πŸ™

          It’s also the stark red and white of the abstract bloody white whale painting on the wall!

          • to go with the idea of the coke-lure from McCann, it was so clear that the uniformity of the meeting, folders, shirt-sleeves, etc. trickled down to the anonymous box lunches and those coke cans…

            the dΓ©cor that don chose from Meredith’s suggestions…obvious nod to the red and white coke cans… at that point, he replies, “I want to live here!” which suggests that it wasn’t until the meeting that he began to realize what he signed on for…and that huge red / white painting hanging on conference room wall brought it all home to him.

          • oh no..politics… πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been curious about how McCann is taking all this notoriet. Or, has it been swallowed up as well?

  3. LoL thanks, Ellen!

    Great observations about the attire.

  4. peggy oh…just bc im curious, can i ask if your moniker is a combination of being a peggy fan AND a reference to an old grateful dead cover of the folk song “peggy oh”? its one of my favorites that they do…

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