Happiness in a GIF

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  1. This is what I wanted. THIS. 🙂

    (Thank you, Roberta!)

    • It was posted in comments, not from me, over in “Tweets From Last Night”–people were gift-giffing you right and left. <3

  2. I initially saw it on “Mad Men Screenshots with Things Drawn on Them” and posted on the Tweet thread. It was reposted from the Tumblr account of mirunapotop.

    BTW, Mad Men Screenshots is one of the funniest things on the interwebs RE: Mad Men

  3. Everybody’s favorite woman on wheels, guests tonight on The Late Late Show with James Corden, which airs right after Letterman, on CBS.

    Maybe John Slattery will sit in with the band, on the Kimball Organ, to provide musical accompaniment for our Lizzie, as she demonstrates how to gracefully skate an eight — in cursive!

  4. A continuity question re Ep 12

    When Don leaves Betty and Henry’s house it is still mid afternoon and is light outside the window ( late August sunset after 8 ). In the car, on the road it is quite dark when he is still in the city turning off the exit. What did Don do in the interim 4+ hours, as he had nothing to pack, no apt. to return to ?

    • The show didn’t let us know what he was doing during that time, but I noticed that too and I like to imagine that Don went to watch Bobby play baseball.

    • Also, there is a quick, less-than-30-second scene in which Don gets out of the car by the side of the road (in daylight) and walks towards the roadside woods fiddling with his waistband like he is going to take a pee. The scene then abruptly cuts and we don’t see him again until he is at the Bauer house.
      Seems like a throw-away, but why is it there? We know there is ALWAYS a why with MW…

    • Considering Don’s favored pastimes (past and present), I’m thinking he spent those four hours:
      * Seeing a movie
      * Drinking
      * Napping
      * Reading
      * Drinking and reading, then napping

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