Tweets From Last Night: Lost Horizon

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  1. Why is it that any dirty dark haired hippie is a “Charles Manson lookalike”? Nope. This filthy furball was actually quite handsome. And over 5’2″.

    • Just an observation on the cyclical themes and situations in the show:

      Last time he picked up hitchhikers, it didn’t work out so well…….

    • My response to the hitchhiker was, “Cue the Don Getting Wisdom from Strangers scene.”

    • I agree, he’s not a Manson type, except he’s a hippie. I was reminded of that time Don got all beat up though, but the hobo theme was definitely part of this episode.
      Also turns out the actor is a friend of a friend of mine.

    • Yeah, I thought he looked like Bruce Springsteen. (Literally. That’s what Bruce looked like that year.)

  2. @anne b I think that was a Nixon impression!

    Recalling back to how Don saw himself as Nixon!

    And all Nixon impressions are bad!

  3. I couldn’t help but think that although Peggy was doing a badass strut down the hallway, she was going to walk right into a brick wall. No matter that she is part of creative, she isn’t going to be able to exist in a bubble and isolate herself from the workplace culture.

    • Me too. The other women don’t want her. And, like Joan, all her allies are separated by floors. Ted, her old champion is a neutered dog. And McCann is horrible! Look what they did to Ken!

      They are mysogynistic thugs. All the women are relegated to vagina products, the very thing Peggy hates the most…

      No, I don’t think this will be a good move, like when she went to CGC. And if there are a hundred Dons, there are probably even more copywriters and they didn’t respect a Joans PArtnership they’re not going to respect her as a copy supervisor!

      • Peggy is totally accustomed to vagina products. Burger Chef is a “mom” product and she accepted (however grudgingly) that women get the “voice of mom” work.

        • I think it’s a matter of how tight the yoke. At SC Peggy not only got Burger King but turned it from a mom focus to a family focus.

          Peggy brought in Topaz when they were struggling so the account had pride.

          Peggy could complain and talk back about being Ghettoized in women’s products. It might not have made a difference but she was never punished.

          Peggy walked in to McCann like a nail into a sea of hammers.

          My sense of foreboding might not be the way it turns out for her-it is a Mad Men after all and we can never fully *nail down* the scenes that play ambiguously. But Ted assimilated easily. He’s hardly discernable now. And we just had an episode full of examples of how they don’t want anyone, especially “girls” to come in there and “shove their elbows around.”

        • Plus, she now literally has a painting of a vagina on her wall. Just sayin’

  4. “Who is the man who imagined her ecstasy?” – Bert on Peggy’s new art piece.

  5. Don’s in next week’s episode. He’s mentioned by name in the cryptic episode description on my on screen Comcast channel guide for Sunday.

  6. Just watched last night because I was traveling. I totally thought of you Roberta when your name was mentioned. Classic. So many great moments in this episode.

    • This has made me unimaginably happy and impossible to live with. Fortunately I live alone, but I’ve still managed to make it difficult for others =)

  7. The real McCann has been having some fun with its twitter account on the Mad Men episodes involving them. I found them hilarious.

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