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May 032015

It’s the very special Anne-B-Deborah-Lipp-Birthdays Edition (May 3rd and 4th, respectively) of our live Mad Men discussion. Predict, react, and generally enjoy the current Mad Men, Lost Horizon with a gaggle of Basketcases.

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  1. T-1 hr, 59 min

  2. a question for basket cases-

    i was just reading a madmen-related article and they made reference to betty dreaming about her own death in season 5 – does anyone remember this and can they please offer up some details ?
    i want to believe the writer at Forbes screwed up and not that i got stumped.

    • During the cancer scare there was a moment where Henry and the kids were eating dinner alone, ignoring her, while Henry kept repeating “if, if”

      • bless you.

      • Yep, that was in episode 5.03, Tea Leaves when “Fat Betty” sees a physician for some diet pills and ends up having a thyroid biopsy — Thank you Basket of Kisses episode guide!

  3. T-89 min

  4. Happy Birthday, Anne and Deborah!

    It’s hard to believe that we’re down to the final three episodes of Mad Men. *sigh*

    You asked for predictions, so here’s what I came up for this week …

    Okay. Tonight’s episode of Mad Men is called ‘Lost Horizon.’ I initially thought it was simply a reference to the 1930s novel & film, of the same name. Of course, nothing is ever that simple or predictable on this show. After mulling it over a while, I wondered if the episode title is suggesting something much darker & foreboding than the wonderful Shangri-La, that we know from the book & film.

    I think the episode title might be a callback to something Ted Chaough told Don Draper back in Season 6. In the episode ‘Man With A Plan,’ Ted, who has his own airplane, flew with Don, to meet with the Mohawk Airlines people about their account. The weather was quite rough, which made Don pretty nervous. Eventually, Ted got them through the turbulence & into the sunshine above the storm. Once they were above the waether, Ted told Don about a problem that can sometimes affect pilots, called ‘spatial disorientation.’ He said, “Sometimes when you’re flying you think you’re right side up, but you’re really upside down. Gotta watch your instruments.”

    Out of curiosity, I Googled ‘lost horizon aviation.’ The top search result listing that came up was — get this — ‘spatial disorientation’ Yikes!!!

    Will we see Ted’s death, while piloting his small plane? (perhaps on a weekend getaway with his new girlfriend or maybe flying somewhere for business – and not alone) Dunno, but f he does die, that will be an important development in the show. As we learned last season, one of the big selling points with the possible purchase of Sterling Cooper & Partners by McCann Erickson, was that both Don & Ted had to be part of that deal, so they could work together on the Buick account that McCann wanted to snag. If Ted dies, it also could possibly affect Don’s future with McCann.

    Some have speculated that Don would leave the ad biz before the end of Mad Men. Ted’s sudden death could be the key dramatic event that precipitates Don’s departure.

    • Fascinating!

    • My prediction: The episode will be all about farewells. They’re cleaning out the offices, saying goodbye to employees who will not be going to McCann, paying off a bunch of relationships, reducing the cast to the key players in advance of the final two episodes. Shangri-La is probably the neverland they already had. Also, I suspect building a whole new office set would be too expensive for just two episodes, so look for this to be the start of some journey somewhere.

      • Actually, it just hit me that Shangri-La might be Don Draper’s life, that Dick borrowed through the sixties

      • Shangri La = Utopia/utopos – the place that can never be

    • I hope they won’t have Ted die. For one thing I like him, and also it would just seem kind of convoluted. Not that pilots can’t die of course but since we’ve already had a couple of character deaths in recent seasons (Lane, Cooper), it would just seem like overkill, IMO.

      • I completely get the idea of “overkill,” but people do die in this show. So far: Dick’s natural mother, Archie Whitman, Uncle Mack, Abigail Whitman, Adam Whitman, the real Don Draper, Anna Draper, Lane Price, Bert Cooper, Rachel Menken. (I think that’s the full list)

        Ted did tell Don about the disorientation problem that sometimes affects pilots. It’s known as “lost horizon.” If this does happen to Ted and it’s on a flight with his new girlfriend and she’s *ahem* distracting him while he’s trying to fly the plane, it’s quite possible. Also, in real life, wasn’t a contributing cause of JFK Jr’s plane crash “spatial disorientation?” Then there’s the title of the episode “Lost Horizon.” While we’re all assuming it has to do with Shangri-la, MW throws us a curve, with the other meaning. Ted dying this way also ushers in a plot development that could result in Don leaving advertising and, hopefully, finally being free to find his own Shangri-la.

        Again, I could be entirely wrong, but then again, this notion works on several levels.

        • Pete’s Mother and Father and Grandpa Gene.

        • Oops! I forgot Frank Gleason, both of Betty’s parents and the fellow from a competing agency whose memorial service the SCDP guys attended, to snag new accounts.

        • Yes, and also, Ida Blankenship, Roger’s Mother, Pete’s Mother, Pete’s Father, Betty’s Father, (Gene) Mr. Gleason (Partner in CCG), the Mother of Sally’s roomate at Private School, Stan’s Cousin from the Navy and Private Dinkins??
          Probably more…….

      • That’s one of the few things I don’t like about MM characterization: Ted. He’s nothing like the arrogant wise-ass who constantly got under Don’s skin in Season 4. Can you imagine this Ted making the crank call pretending to be Bobby Kennedy?

        • I’m struck by that too. I know people change over time, but this is extreme.

          • I wrote a piece on Ted a few seasons back, after he hired Peggy:

            I do often think back on the Ted we first saw vs. the Ted we saw later on. I can only really justify the changes by saying that the in-your-face jokester Ted, playing pranks and showing up at Benihana’s, was just ambitious. And he saw Don as a powerful threat. When the agencies merged, we saw more of Ted’s vulnerability, most significantly when he went to talk to the dying Gleason to ask advice on how to deal with his adversary.

    • Smilah-

      Just like the ep title “Good News”, which was anything but…I agree with your prognostication, that we won’t be treated to some kind of Shangri-lah.

      Love the aviation perspective!

      • Yep. Sometimes the episode titles are literally literal “Guy Walk Into An Advertising Agency,” and other titles are completely opposite.

    • The pilot does die in the plane crash in that movie Lost Horizon..I thought about that too.. Also a man jumps to his death.

  5. I think Forbes is referring to a weird dream Betty has of the family in the kitchen standing around the table. It was the episode with Betty’s cancer scare. She was a wreck. Remember, she had put on the weight. And Pauline stops by and being a dutiful mother-in-law gave her a good talking to for eating Bugles and watching daytime TV? She recommends Betty get pills so she can get into those gorgeous clothes hanging in the closet.
    Later poor Betts dream of the family in a morbid scene in the mansion kitchen standing around the table.

  6. In Lost Horizon, Shangri-la is paradise. In 1969 the Kinks released their own version of Shangri-la, and I thought that these lyrics seemed relevant to Don’s life as he often spoke of growing up wishing for indoor plumbing (there was an outhouse in the yard) and we know his early career as a car salesman:

    Now that you’ve found your paradise
    This is your kingdom to command
    You can go outside and polish your car
    Or sit by the fire in your Shangri-la

    Here is your reward for working so hard
    Gone are the lavatories in the back yard
    Gone are the days when you dreamed of that car
    You just want to sit in your Shangri-la

    I’m hoping that the Kinks version of Shangri-la is the closing song tonight.

    • I’ve only seen the 1973 “Lost Horizon,” but I think people don’t seem to age and die – at least as quickly – in Shangri-la. I recall that a female character decides to leave and she rapidly ages (to her 80s or 90s or older) and dies.

      Maybe the ad biz is the anti-Shangri-la. It’s a killer and Don’s only hope is to get the hell out!

  7. Don was watching Lost Horizon at Megan’s house in the canyon in Time Zones.

    • The only other reference to Shangri-la I can recall in the show, was in the very first episode. That was the title of the music being played in the strip club where Pete Campbell’s bachelor party was held.

      I could be totally wrong about my prediction earlier (thus keeping my record fully intact, dammit), but it’s so out of left field, maybe I stumbled onto something.

  8. T-58 min.

  9. uh…am i the only person who didnt realize that mathis is being played by the same actor who was the son of frasier and lilith sternin-crane (had to include her full name bc i can never say it without laughing)…anyway, i only realized today that it was little freddie crane!

    • That episode should have closed with the song If I Were A Carpenter (the second verse starts: If a tinker were my trade …

  10. I think they will all be at McCann already, good byes already made. I think Roger will propose to Marie. Who knows what else is in store for us?

  11. T-30 min.

  12. And Here.



  13. Well, here we are again…

  14. Meredith bigfooting.

  15. No corner office for Don

  16. And Merideth has become Joan

  17. Goodbye, Dawn. 🙁 Good luck in insurance.

  18. “That said, I have to thank you. You’re very amusing.”

  19. Interesting, Joan covering Peggy’s back…

  20. The window! Don’s office window! Red herring?

  21. Oh, jeez, Conrad HIlton could recur? Urf.

  22. Connie Hilton?!

  23. If any guy deserved a kick in the nuts…

    • Seriously. I didn’t think any of them could be a bigger ass that Ferg of the Fleshy Face but Dennis gives him a run for his money.

  24. Is Peggy still living in the same home she shared with Abe?

  25. Suddenly, Don’s not the guy who cost Joan money.

  26. He referred to Don as a white whale. Is that a reference to Moby Dick? I am not familiar with that phase.

  27. Well, things are going about as I’d expected at McCann. Corporate clusterfuck. And did you catch that condescending Don imitation by Hobart’s booty boy?

  28. Don Draper is a saint. Joan could not have possibly screwed him more yet he is the only man in her life who has never failed her.

  29. Meredith is stepping up her game.

  30. Where ya goin’, Don?

  31. Don splits the big meeting and Ted is the only one who bats an eyelash.

    • I thought Ted looked sad, wistful and a little tiny bit envious when Don got up. It seems like he is worried about his friend ( and they are friends now I think).

  32. “I didn’t come down here to upset you.” Well, you’re doing a fine job of it anyway.

  33. Go somewhere else, sleaze-orb…

  34. Joan just walked into the lions den,,,,,a good time, oh no Joan

    • Ferg was seriously creepy.

    • I feel so bad for Joan.
      She has really proven herself and is every bit qualified to be there. Despite it all, she still has to fight off the dogs. There is nothing new under the sun. Things don’t change.

  35. Oh yeah, the Ferg thing is going verry wrong.

  36. They have to get OUT of this place! 🙁

  37. Well, now I think they are ALL going to jump out of the window!!

  38. I just got the sense this isn’t going to work out!

  39. And what did Ferg mean when Joan mentioned Peggy and he said that that would change, too.

  40. Pegs treating the old office like Don treated his old apartment.

  41. Knock em dead Birdie.

  42. Joan: I don’t want to go where I don’t want to go.

  43. BURT!

  44. BERT!

  45. Don, don’t hit anything. You’re not wearing a seat belt.

  46. Bert!

  47. Racine. Not good

  48. “I’m riding the rails.”

    Like a hobo.

  49. Heheheheh! Well, that completely freaked me out. I thought it was the soundtrack! What in the world did they need with a Kimball organ?

  50. Ferg, please go ferg yourself.

  51. “I’m not concerned,” Meredith anxiously lied.

  52. “Is he on a bender sweetheart?” Who would have thought Meredith would be the savior!

  53. Looks like Kenny and Jim Cutler were the real winners.

  54. When Richard was talking about knowing a guy, was I the only one who had visions of horse heads?

    Peggy is brave to be in the office alone. I would be way too scared to do that, even if it is broad daylight.

    • Does anyone remember another episode where Peggy was walking in the hallway alone at SCDP and it was dark? It had the same ominous feeling. Was it “the crash”?

  55. Joan should tell Ferg to meet her in a hotel room and have “a guy” waiting for him.

    • It is too imbedded in the corporate culture, one guy here or there is not going to make a difference.

  56. “Knock’em dead, Birdie.”

    Great, now I’m crying.

  57. Roger is full of surprises. He juggles! He plays the organ!

    And when Don turned on to the exit marked “Pennsylvania” I thought for sure he was headed back to his childhood home

  58. Well, it’s obvious… Don, Joan, Peggy, and Roger are not long for McCann.

  59. Best. Secretary. Ever.

  60. “Okay, hot stuff.”

  61. The only thing they could find left in the entire old office was an old bottle of Cinzano? Imagine the headaches…

  62. Don, you’re a charm. You are slick as anything. And be sure and give them the other guy’s card…

  63. Shocked that the Di story is back

  64. Di’s old family home was the old Draper home?!

    • No. It’s a different place.

    • The resemblance is indeed intentional.

    • The McCann offices also looked a lot like the old Sterling Cooper offices, especially Jim’s.

    • Didn’t Diana say she lived in a ranch home with a two car garage? And I’m really confused by the presence of the new Mrs. Bauer. Diana told Don just a few months ago that she left NY for a bit because she had to go back to Racine to get a divorce. Devout Mr. Bauer is remarried already?

  65. So, Joan gets to be the one to discover that McCann is indeed a bag of dicks.

  66. Joan just did told Jim Hobart to STFU!!!

  67. Holy fuck on a florescent Frisbee, Joan, that was magnificent!

  68. Joan is so awesome that my ovaries just fist bumped each other.

  69. Joan is trending on Twitter now.

  70. Diana didn’t enter any contest, because she’s dead!

    • I kept thinking “oh man, he’s going to wind up having to buy those people a fridge’.

  71. Don, shifting from ruse to ruse in classic fashion.

  72. Urf, get going, Don.

  73. OK, we can end the show now.

  74. Hi Lili Hi Lo

    • A song of love is a sad song
      Hi-lili, hi-lili, hi-lo
      A song of love is a song of woe
      Don’t ask me how I know
      A song of love is a sad song
      For I have loved and it’s so

      I sit at the window and watch the rain
      Hi-lili, hi-lili, hi-lo
      Tomorrow I’ll probably love again
      Hi-lili, hi-lili, hi-lo

  75. Oh, man! Possibly the most surreal thing I have ever seen in all the years of watching… play it, Roger!

  76. Holy shit! Peggy on skates!

    • I saw those skates in the corner across from the spilled coffee and they made me wonder what the heck they were doing there. Answered!

    • It was fantastic, in an oddly surreal sort of way. I loved it.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud at Mad Men, but I did tonight with The Peggy and Roger Show!

  77. Peggy enters to the Joan theme from Season 1.

    • A few hours with Roger and she is a new girl. Love it.

      • Proudly holding the Octopus painting.

      • Peggy Olson, A1 badass!

        • Badass is exactly the word that came to my mind when I saw that! (I think that’s the word that came to EVERYONE’s mind when they saw that!)

          I also loved her ciggie handing at that badass-Betty-shooting-pidgeons angle.

    • On reconsideration, that may have been the music from the Basket of Kisses focus group in S1.

      • I think it was the music from the focus group, but I still consider it Joan entrance music, because I think it was the music they played when Joan sauntered in front of the two-way glass and bent over and then the men stood up and saluted.

  78. Peggy roller skating may just rank up there with I’m Peggy Olsen and I smoke marijuana.

  79. The finale exit lanes are starting to get their paint.

  80. Roger and Peggy – Yes!


  82. Bowie.

    • So Don has lost his contact with his source of reality or orientation, without gps, alone.

  83. Don is heading west.

  84. BOWIE!!

    • “This is Major Tom to Ground Control
      I’m stepping through the door
      And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
      And the stars look very different today”

      Dick Whitman = Major Tom

      • Many feel Space Oddity is really about a junkie. Even Bowie says so in his follow up song Ashes To Ashes. Remember when Don popped the pills with the hitch hiking kids and woke up on the floor of the motel with no money? Can’t end well.

    • Given how prominent the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” has been referenced throughout this season (especially in ‘The Monolith’ episode), “Space Oddity” is, indeed, the most appropriate Bowie song for “Mad Men” to use.

  85. This is the hobo redux complete with the preacher.

  86. W O W !

  87. I drove 410 miles straight through to ensure we’d be home to watch this tonight, and we made it, and I am enormously pleased.

  88. Who was the Roberta Roger was referencing?

    • Just another semi-forgotten episode in Rogers life. But it sounds like good memories were retained

    • I believe Roberta was the name of one of the twins who helped Roger have his heart attack. Don slapped him and told him his wife’s name was Mona and not Roberta like he kept calling out on the gurney.

  89. On rewatch, Dons whole life in an envelope, and Harry is becoming worse, and Roger has the perfect summation, we are not going to be bunk mates.

  90. Love Peggy entering with shades, a smoke, and Cooper’s Japanese print. An octopus raping a woman, what could be more appropriate?

    • Judging from this first episode at McCann, I doubt that anything shocks them.

      Truth Well Told, my ass! Their corporate slogan should be “It’s Our Hell – You Only Work In It”

  91. That was brilliant. I don’t know what to make of it, but it was brilliant.

  92. Why the fuck was Pete at Sally’s school? Was I confused by the editing or is that the biggest thing they’ve ever dropped in a preview?

  93. Did anyone catch what Don said to Betty after she said “I’ve always wanted to do this”?

  94. “I can go that way.”

    Joan and Don are pals again. Don will figure away to get out of his contract. My money is on Don and Joan going to California and opening shop. Draper and Harris.

    • My guess is that we have seen the last of Don in NYC. Don may now very well be dead. Long live Dick Whitman.

      • That is a possibility. Don may have lost interest in Don.

      • I have a feeling that could be the last we will ever see of Don. It would be like Wiener to head fake everyone like that. I didn’t see him in the previews of next week’s show.

        • I see a repeat of Jet Set. He dissapears for a period of time, then comes back.

          • I love Rogers comment to Hobarts statement, he left during a meeting on Weds and nobody’s seen him since. Roger, Yeah, he does that sometimes.

    • I heard Nepal, not St Paul. Now that is really leaving

      • He will like it in St Paul!! He might finally get sober up at Hazelden.

        • 1970 in St. Paul? Maybe he’ll meet up with Mary Richards, newly arrived in Minneapolis. Heck, maybe he’ll even see her on the highway, driving that little car, smiling that Mary smile!

  95. Peggy’s clothes were pretty great this episode, very bold. Power Peggy?

  96. This felt like the wrap up of Joan, Peggy, and Betty. Their last big scenes felt like send offs. Joan got a great monologue, Betty got to do what she always wanted and has peace with Don, and Peggy got that hallway scene…

    • Peggy’s last scene has to be her finally going to Paris!

    • Doubt it’s the last we see of her, but it truly would be the most amazing last check-in if the final image of her was smoking a cigarette in sunglasses not giving two shits at sexist McCann while carrying an image of an octopus pleasuring a woman.

  97. Totally missed it on the first viewing, but is Pete a Vice President ? I bet he feels like he has arrived in life.

    • Pete will never feel like he has arrived. Nothing is ever enough for him.

  98. MW & Company’s version of “spatial distortion” is way better than mine!

    McCann Erickson is officially the anti-Shangri-la.

  99. I loved all of her outfits this week, especially the green one at the start. Both Joan and Peggy wore green. Peggy’s was a vibrant almost Kelly green, while Joan’s was more a hunter green.

  100. I’m a little surprised that Jim Hobart didn’t break out with some variation of, “we know how you got your partnership at your last office”.

    Must mean he doesn’t know because if he did he’d have used it as a weapon when Joan put him on the spot.

    • He may be saving it for later, like on the trip to vist Avon

      • There won’t BE a trip to Avon. He doesn’t want to see her face. And she took her Roledex.

        And Roger told her that 50 cents on the dollar was the best she would get. Joan is gone from McCann

        • Oh I understand that but I think Ferguson’s was planning, in his own way, to use the info when Joan could not walk away, so to speak.

  101. Joan took the two things that meant the most to her — the picture of Kevin and the Roladex of contacts. She earned the respect of those contacts. More than she ever got at McCann.

  102. Don Draper. Always prepared with his lie and his backup lie.

    • It’s a little bit scary how he goes so easily from one lie to the next. After 7 seasons, it shouldn’t be surprising, but it was.

  103. Peggy is so the new Don at McCann. She has the sex (octopus art), sunglasses, and cigarette. Three “s’s.

  104. Prediction: Don now heads to San Francisco, still searching for Diana.
    Remember, Diana had flipped a coin to decide where to go- either NYC or San Francisco.
    There, Don runs into Sal who is at some big agency there.

    • Interesting that Diana’s ex-husband told Don he was not the only man to come looking for her in Racine. That she was a tornado leaving broken men in her wake. I would not have thought she had such a hold over anyone.

      • Yeah, that was hard to fathom. She seemed less than a magnetic personality. Her ex-husband figuring out Don so quick seemed a little implausible too but it got the story where it needed to go.

    • Don/Dick plans to end up in California for sure, but not San Francisco. Los Angeles. To the best of our knowledge, there’s still an office out there.

  105. Roger sells Joan short/lets her down one last time. That may have been their final scene together.

    If we see Joan at all it may only be a “look-in” at home or if she and Don actually have that lunch.

    • In today’s money, Joan would be getting a little over 1.5 million dollars vrs 3 million she thought she was going to get. A lot of money, but that has got to hurt.

  106. Was Shirley saying that ad offices weren’t always comfortable places for black people or for women? And of course, it could be both. I assumed the former when she said it, but after watching Joan’s awful day, now I’m wondering if she had heard of their harassing ways.

    • I assumed she meant a big agency like McCann wouldn’t be a comfortable place for a black person, especially a black woman.

  107. Peggy’s carried her box of stuff to new offices before, and it has always been a marker.

  108. I am worried that Meredith is an army brat!
    Could she bring in the authorities?

    • Doubtful

      • If anything, it could prove to be a positive. If she has contacts, she might be able to call in favors. It’s unlikely, but it’s on the verge of possible.

  109. anybody watching on the west coast?

  110. Okay here I go

  111. Loved this tonight – felt like the beginning of the finale.

    Not sure why so much focus on a new character – the waitress – I felt that he had more connections with Rachel and Midge and Betty. So I’m guessing this is about healing his stuff with his mom? He couldn’t save his mom – so he’ll save the sad waitress? The waitress boinked him for money – like a hooker – like his mom and there we go.

    Of course I’m the only person on planet earth who likes Don and Betty together. I don’t know if it’s the characters or just the Jon/January chemistry – but I adored the scene in the kitchen with them together tonight. I will always wish that Matt Weiner had kept them together. I think it would’ve been very interesting to see each of them heal themselves while staying married.

    Joan rocks. She took less crap in 1960 when the sexism was overt. Ten years later – more money, bigger title and it’s even worse.

    I sort of thought Don might end up back as Dick Whitman – on the road as an anonymous hobo – but he won’t leave the kids. The kids have been where he’s had the biggest opportunities for growth over the seasons.

    • Don Draper might end up with a bullet in the back of the head and stripped of all ID. The cops in Wisconsin will have only his fingerprints to identify him. His fingerprints come back those of Dick Whitman, not Don Draper.The cops will find nobody will claim the body. Dick will once again be united with Anna. Here’s hoping, however, that somewhere between Racine Wisconsin and St Paul Minnesota Don Draper might have an epiphany and sign himself into treatment for alcoholism at a place like Hazelden north of St Paul, and reclaim his life.

      • That would be a cool ending.

      • That would be an interesting way to get him to Minnesota. He sees a billboard for Hazelton and decides to check himself in and then calls Sally (the person he has a true bond with) and tells her where he is.

        • And this brings us back to the final words several of us have proposed, independently of each other, “My name is Dick and I’m an alcoholic.”

    • I’d love for Don and Betty to get a happy ending together. Loved the kitchen scene, and it’s very clear that those two still have lingering feelings for one another.

  112. Kudos to H Richard Greene – the actor who plays Jim Hobart. His scene with Joan showed him alternately turning on the charm, then the menace and finally the cold fury. Just a great scene between him and Christina with real electricity.

    He bought a functioning firm – a valuable asset – and now he’s watching that asset disintegrate – and it’s all his fault. Though I doubt he has the self-awareness to grasp that.

    • That was a great scene, brought to life brilliantly by two actors in top form.

      One thing that sorta slipped by, earlier in the episode, was the part about McCann buying an agency in Milwaukee, just to get the Miller account. Judging from what went on in this episode, they don’t seem especially interested in the accounts held by SC&P. Lord knows, they don’t care about the people that came with the deal either. About all they seem to care about is acquisition and bigness and amassing power. This has been on my mind lately, as I’m just finishing up reading a book about the British ad firm, Saatchi & Saatchi, whose goal was to be the world’s largest ad agency.

    • To me it seemed like Hobart purchased a stallion (Don) and then put him in a petting zoo. What did he expect? Of course he will buck. And be careful what you wish for. I started Moby Dick twice but never finished it but I’m pretty sure Ahab died after he got that white whale.

      • Yup, Ahab dies. Or so says Wikipedia. (NO ONE has ever finished Moby Dick. Melville himself barely finished it.)

        • ” (NO ONE has ever finished Moby Dick.)”

          I did. (obviously) 🙂

          ” ( Melville himself barely finished it.)”

          Yeah, Herman did, too. 🙂

        • Oh, I’ve read it three times. Not in recent years, admittedly, but all our recent references to Don as the White Whale have me primed to take the voyage again.

  113. Remember in the diner when Don asked Diana, “Do I know you from somewhere?” while curiously staring at her? Is there a possibility they’re related? She’s obviously designed to be a female version of him with the looks, the deep yet misguided thoughts, and the ability to cut all ties and feelings to satisfy her own desires. Almost like a sister yet their incestual relations would be a little too over the top.

    • They probably know each other from Uncle Mac’s whorehouse. She was hooker there that befriended Dick. They escaped the clutches of Uncle Mac and Abigail.

      • Good thought… Just seems like there is a deeply rooted connection that may be unearthed.

      • This was discussed before, she is too young to be that hooker. The half sister scenerio was brought up, but I think it is just a case of one broken person recognizing another.

        • The half-sister thing is too creepy/incestuous – and she’s too young given that his parents have both been gone a long time now. I think she looks like his mother and her presence is all wrapped up in him healing his mother issues.

          Don finding his mother (albeit via the waitress) is HIS white whale?

      • That hooker didn’t really befriend him. She molested him. He was a child.

        • The hooker that Dick lost his virginity was not Diana. However, Diana I still believe worked at Uncle Mac’s whorehouse. Sadly, teenage girls get into prostitution. Diana was one of those girls.
          One of the reasons I watch Mad Men is to discover the why and the wherefore of Dick Whitman’s life before he became Don Draper. We know only glimpses of that life. We know Dick is a high school drop out who transformed himself into Don Draper. He conned Roger Sterling into a job, he got himself a blond trophy wife in Betty; Jim Hobart has coveted Don Draper since season one. What does Don Draper share with Roger other than booze and infidelity. What does he have in common with Pete or with Harry Crane. Don Draper is a dysfunctional genius who few people understand. Dick Whitman didn’t just become one of the leading men on Madison Avenue suddenly, it was a process. Finding out who Diana is is part of that process. As I have said before, they go way back.

    • Don said almost exactly the same thing to Moira (Ted’s secretary) when the drugs Jim Cutler shared kicked in when Don was coming down the staircase. He obviously has some deep-seated love (or love/hate) relationship with some brunette. In a few years Betty will be able to tell us all about it.

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