Basket of News, Apr. 25-May 1, 2015

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May 012015

ICYMI, Basketwriters were busy this week. The Lipp Sisters covered Matthew Weiner‘s talk at the 92Y, and published Part Two and Part Three of their interview with director Jennifer Getzinger, while White T Jim interviewed Sola Bamis (Shirley).

Matt Weiner talks to the New York Times about “Time and Life.”  Vulture also wrote up his appearance at 92Y.

Gothamist unpacked the cultural references in “Time and Life.” [They wonder which NYC restaurant was supposedly depicted at the top of the show. I don’t know, but the actual restaurant appears to be The Prince, where Mad Men has shot on a number of occasions, including “Ladies’ Room” and “The Christmas Waltz.” -K]

Vox covers the Scottish history that surprised in “Time and Life.”

Appropos of “Time and Life,” The Bowery Boys found the NYT’s 1970 story on child actors and their mothers.

AdAge notes that in 1970, McCann-Erickson absorbed Milwaukee agency Mathisson & Co.

John Slattery strolls through the Village with the NYT, saying hello to his neighbors, talking Roger Sterling and future projects.

Elisabeth Moss was nominated for a Tony.

Kiernan Shipka talks to AMC about saying goodbye to Don, Betty, and…Glen.

Jay R. Ferguson talks Stan Rizzo and ever so slightly teases the MM finale on HuffPost Live.

Linda Cardellini is in Avengers: The Age of Ultron.  [I won’t spoil it, though. -K]

Bryan Batt spoke with THR about his time on the show, the best (and worst) case scenarios of his AWOL alter ego and his Broadway take on the Mad Men musical numbers that came after him.

Stephanie Drake did a chat with Vulture about all things Meredith.

Janie Bryant spoke with the New York Observer about how the characters’ evolved with their costumes, the conspiracy theories behind the clothes, and which character gave her the most trouble.

Vanity Fair wonders how Don Draper could still get a happy ending (aside from the obvious).

Better Call Saul‘s Raymond Cruz talks to THR about playing the monstrous Ariel Castro in Lifetime’s Cleveland Abduction.

The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira talks to AMC about being without her sword and trying to save Tyreese’s life.

Andrew Lincoln talks to the Philippine Daily Inquirer about a possible TWD movie, spin-offs, and the continuing appeal of the show.

Norman Reedus talks to E! Online about the Daryl/Carol relationship, to The Wrap about his favorite scene in Season 5, and to the L.A. Times about his recent Saturday Night Live appearance.

Michael Cudlitz talks to about the show, comic conventions, and cosplay.

Uproxx checks TWD‘s “Where Are They Now?” file.

Homeland will shift locations yet again for its upcoming fifth season, which is shooting in Berlin.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.


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  1. From the referenced NYT/Weiner Interview:

    Knowing that you’re at your final episodes, was one scenario that you’ve saved up seeing Don give the pitch that fails, or the pitch that he doesn’t even get to finish making?

    He’s failed before. I write the clients and I write the pitch, so I’ve had that chance before. What I liked is that, yeah, they’re not going to win this one, though in a weird way, they have won.

    That what Hobart said – twice so far.

    For me, one of the premises of the show is, “What is it really like to work in an office.” And the most unbelievable part of the show is that all of these people would be working together for this long. And we’ve played with the tension ….in that people are not best friends. Peggy and Joan didn’t move in together. Pete has gone to California and moved back. Peggy has gone to work for CGC. All of that’s great. Don is being wooed by Mary Wells.

    Don is being wooed by…WHAT!?

  2. Matt had a nice chat with Men in Blazers on their show this week – the video is up on Also there is an extended “After the Pies” segment with Matt…

  3. Amazing interview of Matthew Weiner by New York Magazine critic and editor Matt Zoller Seitz at The Jewish Heritage Museum from April 8th.

  4. Don’s road trip has given new life to the “Don-will-become-D. B.Cooper” theory:

  5. Mad Men scheduled to go out with a bang on May 17th!

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