FINALE PARTY–First Come, First Serve!

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Apr 242015


Update: THERE ARE NO SPACES AVAILABLE. We are hoping a few more people can come, so please read below and if you want to be on a wait list, email me (email below).

Dear Basketcases,

The Exciting News
The Museum of the Moving Image has invited us to collaborate with them on their Mad Men finale event. WHICH IS SO COOL.

It’s a gorgeous space, and there will be wine and snacks and we’ll do trivia and hand out prizes and it’s piles of awesome, not the least of which is the museum exhibition of the Mad Men sets and costumes, which will be open to us. The museum will open for the reception at 8:00.

The Less-Than-Exciting News

This is a MoMI members-only event.

Psyche! (But you have to act quickly!)

Basket of Kisses was given a very limited number of invites.

Please email me privately at “robertas voice at” (avoiding spam here; put it together like a normal email) for details. We are working with MoMI to get additional invitations, but once it fills up, that’s all she wrote.

We truly hope everyone who wants to be there gets in!

Deborah & Roberta


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  1. There is no bigger fan than me. My life will be hollow after May 17th:-(. I have lived a parallel life to Don Draper. I will be returning to NYC Monday and will be visiting the exhibit as my second order of business. I learned about this via Facebook Maddicts group. One of the members referred me.

  2. Can you confirm the borough in which the Museum resides? I checked Google maps and it appears to be in Queens, which is fine, but may affect my hotel choice.

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