Basket of News, Apr. 18-24, 2015

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Apr 242015

Gothamist unpacked the cultural references in The Forecast.

The Lipp Sisters interviewed Jennifer Getzinger about directing “The Forecast” and “My Old Kentucky Home.” Ms. Getzinger also spoke to THR about the Don-Sally relationship and to Variety about where “The Forecast” leaves Don.

Clickhole (The Onion’s version of a viral site) has An Oral History of Mad Men like you’ve never heard it.

January Jones talks to TIME about the Betty-Glen relationship, and to the HuffPost about the Betty, Glen, and Sally. JJ also talks to Vulture and Comic Book Resources about Betty’s evolution.

Kiernan Shipka visited Jimmy Kimmel, YahooTV, and Elle to talk Sally and the end of an era.

Matthew Weiner talked to Variety about how one of their critics slammed his first film, and whether it affected him. (via Polly Draper)  Matt also talks to a festival crowd about Don’s weakness, and to Cosmo about Glen’s sideburns.  Also FastCo excerpts Matt’s contribution to a book on mentors.

Jessica Pare talks to News 1130 about how Quebecois the Calvets were. (Thx, Jodey.)

Don Draper’s Sex Scenes (through April 3rd) in 75 seconds. (via Polly Draper)

Hannai Choi has The Women of Don Draper. [Totally stealing the Fan Art thing. Sorry. -K]  The NYDN also looks at a dozen of Don’s most notable women.

Mad Men co-producer (and ad consultant) Josh Weltman talks to Vulture about the show’s memorable ads. (via Polly Draper)

Elisabeth Moss has been nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award and for the Drama League’s Distinguished Performance Award.

The New Yorker has been recapping Mad Men in comic strips. (via Polly Draper)

The Walking Dead cast and crew tease Season 6.

Andrew Lincoln jokes at a panel discussion for The Walking Dead that “if they kill me off I’m gonna burn my trailer down.”

Tovah Feldshuh tells YahooTV she’s glad to have survived The Walking Dead so far.

Danai Gurira talks about the complexity of Michonne at the London Evening Standard.

Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad honcho Vince Gilligan will play the Commissioner in a Batman parody sketch on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!

Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould talks to The Independent about the creative concerns of a prequel, season 2 and the mind-numbing realities of the small courts.

Design & Trend argues that Better Call Saul‘s main characters are more interesting than the leading characters in Breaking Bad.

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  1. The Don Draper sex scenes video has a couple of errors — same call girl twice, plus he never slept with Bethany van Nuys.

  2. A Tee-Vee viewing tip for Mad Men fans who may find these shows to be of interest, in light of the recent Glen-Bishop-signs-up-for-duty plot development in the show.

    PBS will be presenting four programs in the coming week that explore various aspects of the Vietnam War, from the perspective of what went on there, to the reactions to those events here at home. Check your on screen program guide for times and channel in your area.

    This article offers a preview.

  3. A Visual Timeline of Sally Draper Aging Over Seven Seasons of Mad Men

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