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Welcome to Mad Men Haiku

DD classic briefcase

Don Draper’s briefcase

Once leather and full of lies

Becomes Samsonite

    DD Samsonite briefcase

From the first episode, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (March 1960), through episode 7.08, Severance (April 1970), Don Draper has always carried a classic brown leather briefcase.  In episode 7.09, New Business (May 1970), he now carries a Samsonite slim case.  Perhaps change is in the air…

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  15 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. The world is moving

    Ahead in fashion and style

    Except for Don’s Hair

    • Ironically, Roger offered to get his barber in to trim Don’s ‘unruly’ locks!

      Im still waiting for Don’s sideburns to go south….

  2. Your eye for detail is just amazing! Is it symbolic that Don went from carrying something real, to something totally artificial? Great catch!

    • Thanks for the compliment — most of my friends just think I’m OCD! 🙂

      I was shocked to see Don’s new briefcase, and since we know that so much attention is paid to details, the change in briefcase has to be intentional. What it means, however, remains to be seen.

      From a 2015 perspective, it seems so artifical, but in 1970 the Samsonite slimcase was a sign of modernism. This could be symboolic of Don moving forward or changing as much as “…something totally artificial.”

      • I totally agree with your take on the change in briefcase. I actually carried Don’s old briefcase in the 80’s and still love its classic simplicity.

  3. Ms. Lawyer starts out
    In the 70s male world
    AWK! That’s my briefcase!

    • I’ve got one, too – given to me by a fellow who retired in 1999.

      As Joey/Namath said (pitching to Don) “It’s Tough!”.

    • That’s really cool! Recently, I thought about what women who were laywers in the 1960s and earlier carried files in, before companies started making briefcases for women.

  4. im sure this probably has been addressed on the blog, and i apologize in advance if it has,,,question: is there any way that we can read old threads or commentary for episodes from a while ago? like for instance, see the open thread for an episode from season five, or someting?

    • Just use the Search function at the upper right hand corner of the home page. Enter the episode title, or whatever subject you want to check back on, and you’ll get a list of blog posts that apply.

      • thank you! mymfriend just started watching so wanted to show where he could getminteresting analysis, etc. 🙂

  5. Don has also began to wear blue dress shirts to the office. Don always wore white shirts before. He is keeping the short sideburns and my goodness, that Fedora. He probably still uses Brylcreem. Men by 1970 have pretty much ditched the Fedora. Men have long sideburns in 1970 and are even using hairspray for that “dry look”. Pete, Harry and Roger are all up with the times; but not Don. Yes there are subtle changes, but I think Don is still trying to hold on to the Don Draper advertising man part of his life. He simply can’t give it up. Dick Whitman wants to grow long sideburns and move to California with a brunette woman who loves him.

    • I remember some of my old uncles who kept that brylcreem hair through the seventies ..They always seemed so greasy to me..

  6. I write ‘bad haiku’ all the time…and famously, not brilliant enough to have tried this! 🙂

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