Basket of News, Apr. 11-17, 2015

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Apr 172015

Gothamist unpacks the cultural references in “New Business.”

Matthew Weiner talks to Vanity Fair about life after Draper. And you can hear him talk to The Frame about watching the show, criticism, the audience and more.  Matt also shares hard-won life lessons with Co.Create.

Jessica Pare talks Megan, Manson, and fighting in French.  She also did hits with Vulture and YahooTV about the Draper rift.

Michael Uppendahl talks about the guest-laden “New Business,” shooting elevator scenes, Pete Campbell, and more.  VH1 also looks in the SC&P elevator.

Jon Hamm reflects on the metaphysics of Mad Men. And Too Many Cooks.

Vanity Fair asks “Who Is Diana?” [Besides Mildred Pierce, anyway. -K] The VF piece also links to Elizabeth Reaser’s interview with Vulture and the New York Post, as well as Matt Weiner’s talk with THR.

Jon Hamm, January Jones, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, Christopher Stanley, Jay R. Ferguson and Kevin Rahm play “Canoodle, Marry, Kill.”

Christina Hendricks talks to Indiewire about her final season as Joan, scenes with Don, what’s been her favorite part of playing an early-era feminist and, of course, those clothes.  She also talks to The Telegraph about her luxuries.

Aaron Staton talks to the Wall Street Journal about the end of the show and the scene that hit him hardest.

Dame magazine argues that “Joan and Ken Are a Perfect Study of Mad Men’s Sexism.”

Elisabeth Moss talks to Los Angeles magazine about Peggy’s style.

January Jones talks about Betty maturing and the end of the show.

Jay R. Ferguson talks to Esquire about Stan’s job, aspirations and stoned faces.

Stephanie Drake talked to TIME about Meredith’s relationship with Don, and with THR about her future.

Janie Bryant talked to Pret-a-Reporter about her future projects.

The Los Angeles Times looked at Mad Men‘s impact on fashion.

Kiernan Shipka, rocking a Better Call Saul t-shirt.

The Season 1 finale of Better Call Saul delivered 5.1 million viewers, 3.1 million adults 18-49 and 3.3 million adults 25-54 in live+3 ratings. Better Call Saul stands as the #1 new series on cable among all viewers,  adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 this broadcast season.

Bob Odenkirk teased Season 2 to TV Insider; Jonathan Banks tells THR he can’t tease Season 2.

Peter Gould talks about Saul with The Vancouver Sun and TheVine, about Nacho with The Wrap, and to Australia’s about audience reaction to the show.

Mel Rodriguez talks Marco with YahooTV.

Robert Kirkman teased Season 6 of The Walking Dead and revealed more details on its companion series, Fear the Walking Dead.

Emily Kinney compares Beth with her new role on The Flash.

Lennie James tells The Guardian he’s getting on a plane to Atlanta to shoot zombies in the head.

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  8 Responses to “Basket of News, Apr. 11-17, 2015”

  1. Re:the Gothamist

    Ow Matt Weiner! The Guv’nor Steak House where Don stalked Diane is described as having ” four rooms with a British flair” according to the 1972 article linked. Oh Lane and his big Texas belt buckle! ;(

  2. Variety interviews Matt Weiner and he describes the scathing review Variety gave to his first film…

  3. Who is Diana?

    Elizabeth Reaser speculates that….

    “Don seemed to me very disconnected from his life and lost,” Reaser explains of her character’s connection with Draper. “And then he meets someone who he connects with outside of his world. That can feel intoxicating. And it feels like home or something. . . . And so it made sense to me that they would connect so quickly and so deeply.”

    The actress also reveals that she viewed the character as the female counterpoint Don had been subconsciously searching for over the course of seven seasons and countless shags. “I just felt like they were very similar in the way that they communicate, and people say, you know, ‘Diana is mysterious,’ and I think she’s very direct. . . . And she’s been through so much that she has nothing left to lose. . . . She basically doesn’t give a fuck.”

    In fact, it is this tragedy-incited disconnect with the world that might make the pair’s communications seem dream-like. “So that sort of takes her outside of time and space, and it just means she’s almost, like, untouchable, when you’re that hurt, when you’re that broken by the world,” Reaser theorizes.

  4. One word: Buick. We’re now 10 months since the merger, and no one’s wondering why this key to the McCann merger hasn’t been whispered? The closest we’ve come is Don saying he’ll call Jim Hobart when Ken gets fired.

    Let’s see a shot of Jim and pre-mustache Roger in the NY Athletic Club steam room, along with everybody’s best guess about when GM/Buick will pop the SC&P bubble. (Maybe we’ll even get a quick update on Bob Benson.)

  5. All of Don Drapers Sex Scenes in 75 seconds (Mad Men Recap), posted on April 3, 2015 and it is already out of date!

  6. Very interesting interview with Josh Weltman, co-producer on Mad Men, who was trained as an art director and created many of the ad campaigns that were integral to Mad Men plots.

    “Meet The Man Behind Don Draper’s Creative Genius Picks Mad Men’s Most Memorable Ads”

  7. Just discovered these Mad Men recap cartoons from The New Yorker:

    The first and second installments of a very thorough series of recaps of AMC’s “Mad Men,” the final season.

    The third installment of a very thorough series of recaps of AMC’s “Mad Men,” the final season.

  8. Matt Weiner’s Years of Pre-‘Mad Men’ Failure and Humiliation Will Inspire You to Persevere

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