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Apr 142015

We are not the only, or first, to notice that the dress Megan wore to meet Harry in Mad Men episode 7.09, New Business, was the same dress she wore to meet Don in the opening scene of 7.01, Time Zones.

New Business (Photo Credit:Courtesy of AMC)

New Business (Photo Credit:Courtesy of AMC)

Discussion has been all over the map. Why dress up for Harry of all people? Is this 1969 dress already dated by 1970? Why wear last year’s dress? And so on.

I think all of the discussion focuses on the wrong thing in Time Zones: she looked so great for Don that we forget she was in a rush and they couldn’t go home; she had to go straight to a meeting with her agent (you can see the back of Allen’s head in the Time Zones picture).

Time Zones (Photo Credit:Jordin Althaus)

Time Zones (Photo Credit:Jordin Althaus)

Megan has a lucky agent-meeting dress.


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  1. Ahhhh. Now this makes sense to me.

  2. I was a little bemused with Harry’s ‘Ali McGraw’ reference

    Although Ali had success with the 1969 film ‘Goodbye, Columbus’ it wasn’t until ‘Love Story’ (1970) when her star really went into orbit.

    However, that wasn’t released until December 1970, and this Ep7.09 is around May 1970

    • She had a Vogue magazine cover in March 1970. Harry, as an industry insider, would have been aware of her rising star, perhaps even about the buzz surrounding Love Story’s production. (The book was a huge bestseller, so there was major anticipation for the movie.) She swiped the Beauty with Long Dark Hair role that Megan wants so desperately. (Maybe Megan will use some of that million bucks to fix her teeth and achieve it.)

      Also, does anyone know how much time passed between 7.08 and 7.09? I couldn’t tell, although at a minimum it was weeks, since there was time for Diana to go back to Racine and return to NYC.

      • Our episode guide is up to date:

        7.08 ends on 5/1/70. 7.09 begins on 5/24/70 — 3 weeks.

      • I think it’s interesting. Both those women had incredible “natural look” beauty. But here is Megan up to her eyebrows (literally) in enhancements.

        It was mentioned here that the fur model in ep1 was wearing “the natural look” in make up that was beginning then and Ali McGraw had a BIg influence on that trend!

        So I guess the question is how does Megan’s beauty work under these new terms? Her dramatic beauty is much enhanced by late 60s trends. Does Megan disappear under the natural look or would she shine?

        Would she adjust her style with the times? Or double down on the past?

      • The writers gave us a nice date clue on Don’s million-dollar check.

        They occasionally show us his personal check – the last I recall was to Honda – withdrawing their presentation and refunding their $3,000 advance to SCDP because they “broke their own rules”. Same bank (Chemical Bank).

        In S1 he countersigned his bonus check to Midge. Later tried to give her a personal check (ostensibly for painting titled “number nine” or something ) as a way to escape her hovel.

        No doubt there were other checks.

  3. I too noticed the dress drawing a straight line between the scene where her agent celebrated her “arrival” in CA in “Time Zones” and her tawdry lunch with Harry in New Biz. Both featured expensive wine (“French champagne for my new French star!” or some such line), but this time I think Harry “kidded” that he wanted her to pay for it. Note that she left in a huff, so he ended up picking up the tab for it, just as Don picked up the tab for marrying her. (Or, since Meredith was drinking it, “New TaB.”)

    Just as fascinating for me was the White Trenchcoat of Shame that she wore–all buttoned up and belted in–to cover up that Very Wrong Dress, first when she met with Don and then when she went home to find her mom had cleared the apartment. It is a London Fog circa 1970. (Reference Episode 3.01, where Sal and Don visit the plant in Baltimore.)

    I’ve owned the same model for about 30 years, and another copy–in much better condition than mine–is available on Etsy right now. I thought Janie might have hemmed it, but then I realized that Jessica Pare is so much taller and thinner than me that my circa-1970 size 8 of course looks very different on her! I’ve owned lots of vintage stuff, but this is the first time an exact piece has ever appeared on the show.

  4. I think the dress and “total look” Megan wore can be all these things that are in the discussion all at the same time. 🙂

    It is dated. In even such a short time. As I commented above and even Harry mentioned two actresses who were great at the more hip and upcoming “natural look” and Megan was in complete opposite mode. A look that in not too far in the future would be seen on people like Divine. :/

    It’s a frozen look. It’s a very specific date and time.

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