The Strategy: Two Kinds of Families

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Apr 092015

The Strategy

When I first saw Mad Men episode 7.06, The Strategy, I wondered at this image. Mad Men uses reflections judiciously; they generally mean something. What does this one mean? Why two dances, why two Don-and-Peggys?

As I was writing my “Rewatch” post, I suddenly saw it–there are two kinds of families. There are the families in dissolution, and there are the families in formation. There is the breakdown and the coming-together. This moment, this dance, is the exact moment where Don and Peggy step away from the breakdown and into the re-formation, and so there are two.

Damn, I love this show.


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  1. Damn, I love this website!

  2. We started Ep1 with Pegs hand on Don, Dons hand on Pegs in “The Suitcase” – their relationship now has so many moments like this dance that I have always interpreted it as a ‘love’ that is unique, and somehow ‘familiar’ (family?) that keeps drawing them back together. I think the series will end with Don and Peg working in a partnership ?

    • It’s totally family. It’s the father/daughter dance at a wedding. When Peggy marries Stan, Don will be the one to walk her down the aisle.

  3. Deb,

    Awesome post as usual! At the beginning of the episode, there’s a reflection in the windshield of a car. This may go back to “Marriage of Figaro.” In MoF, Don feels on the outside with his own family (emphasized by Don shooting the video of the event, like an observer rather than a participant). He even skips out on the end of Sally’s birthday party with the cake. And then he goes to the train tracks and we see the reflection of the train in his windshield.

    In “The Strategy,” Don is on the inside now, comfortable and participating with the new family he has created.

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