Apr 082015

In Mad Men Episode 3.08: Souvenir, Pete encounters Joan working at Bonwit Teller. He leaves with a replacement dress, but sharp-eyed fans noted that Pete’s bag was not Bonwit’s signature violet-covered package.

In Severance, Joan visits Bonwit Teller on a shopping spree. This time, Mad Men got the packaging right.



As the shot pans, you can see that Joan’s shopping spree didn’t start at Bonwit’s. The distinctive brown and white striped Henri Bendel packaging is also visible; this is at least the second store she’s visited.


  13 Responses to “Mad Men: Severance–Joan Goes to Bonwit Teller”

  1. definitely at least her third; that’s a B. Altman’s bag : )

  2. I used to fantasize about having the money to go on a shopping spree like that. Never happened, and now it is no longer an intriguing thought, more of a “gee, that’s a lot of walking around” thought, but those thoughts can be powerful. I suspect everyone at one time in their lives has thought ” if I buy those wonderful shoes/great dress/ necklace, it will totally change my life for the better”. Is this the power of advertising or a human drive?

    • One summer I was interning at a museum in New York, not too far from Fifth Ave. I looked so young for my age, it was a real thrill to be treated like a serious customer when I went in to browse on my own.

  3. the thing that also should be noted was that there were other dresses hanging that she rejected…one in paricular resembled the dress peggy was wearing earlier in the episode…sort of a black geometric print. was joan, perhaps, trying on a different look?

  4. apprapos of nothing: wouldnt it be a strange twist if the series were to end with don dying before the final episode, and remaining episodes would take the story-line of the effect of his death on those he leaves behind? just a thought i was considering w my mad-men friends tonight…

  5. ooops…spelling…apropos, not apprapos!

  6. […] doesn’t make sense to me that Joan, who spends so lavishly at Bonwits, Henri Bendel, and Lord & Taylor, is still living on 12th Street, nor that she uses […]

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