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In Mad Men episode 7.08, Severance, Don’s date finds Megan’s earring under the bed. It looked familiar, so I did some exploring.

Tricia finds the earring under Don's bed

Tricia finds the earring under Don’s bed

In fact, Megan wore this pair of earrings twice that I can discover, in two consecutive episodes of Season 6: To Have and To Hold, and The Flood. This is great work by Janie Bryant. These earrings were favorites of Megan’s for a while, and then she lost one. We never see her wearing them in Season 7, so the continuity–she lost them before she moved to California–is perfect.

Megan wears the earrings in To Have and To Hold (right) and The Flood (left)

Megan wears the earrings in To Have and To Hold (left) and The Flood (right)


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  1. A recall of darling Sally finding the stewardess’ flight pin in Out of Town.
    This time the finder, did not wear it, as an unpleasant reminder to DD.

  2. And of course they are circular. Round like the wheel. Or carousel. Not hoops but solid, filled with jewels.

    In s1 Don says to Adam ‘ my life only moves forward.’ But it only keeps moving around and around and back again.

    • Maybe Don wants it to move forward, but he can’t. He keeps going around and around.

      • The idea that change is hard is a big theme of the how. But I do think that Don may be taking some steps forward:

        1) He does not appear to be drinking as much as he was… but we will see what the rest of the season brings.
        2) Has Don possibly accepted that he wants to live the life of a bachelor? If someone is a womanizer and is open and honest about it – that to me is significantly better than cheating (whether married or in a relationship).
        3) At the end of last season and at the start of this one he seems to be a better colleague than he was before. He seemed to actually care about Kenny’s job loss.

        Let’s see what happens but I think we might be looking at a better version of Don Draper for the end of Mad Men. Far from perfect, but better than the first season. Of course, the next episode could completely discredit me. My current theory on how the show ends (my upteenth one) is that Don Draper leaves advertising and New York to essential be Dick Whitman (though not necessarily in name). Because he starts to ask – Is that all there is?

        • These are very good points – ones I had not really considered. I do think that ultimately, MW is not going to give us an overly dramatic change at the end. I think it will ultimately be more in line with, as you said, the difficulty to really change. Maybe he’s respecting his audience by relying on us to be observant of smaller changes, much like the ones you mentioned above.

          • Your point about not having an overly dramatic change at the end is a good one. Certainly some comments by MW and the cast have suggested that – perhaps strongly suggested that. One comment that fed my theory was the comment MW made on the poster:

            Don is In a Car
            “This is not an accident. “It’s designed to tell you that Don is going somewhere,” Weiner says. “He could be going to work, he could be going away from work. But there is a feeling of, I hope, a little bit of a desperate drive. We see him in his car, and we see that he’s alone, and I think you just have to basically feel that there’s going to be a sense of motion.” ” http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/mad-men-season-seven-poster.html

            Having said that, the “desperate” comment of MW and the look on Don’s face in the poster would suggest I am completely wrong… and I’ve gotten used to that when guessing what is coming on Mad Men! But that’s part of what makes the show so fun. 😉

  3. when i saw that the first thing i thought was… don must have a housekeeper keeping his place straightened up… apparently not a very good one, though!!

    or maybe megan’s come back for a visit at some point?

    • My thought , how much is paying for this housekeeper and maybe she needs a better vacume cleaner. And I must say, I was struck by how dark and rather sad looking his apt was, not unlike the feeling I got from his apt he had after he and Betty broke up. I do think where and how your “home” looks is a strong reflection of how you feel about yourself.

    • I don’t think housekeepers look under the bed.

      • My OCD requires me to vacume under beds, even in rooms with carpet, every two weeks. Dust! Socks! Earrings!

  4. It was interesting to me that during this episode there were two times where normally one would have been indirect or not said anything (at the shiva, and with the earring) both times Don explicitly brought his ex wife(s) up in detail. Combined with his telling of his ‘poor’ stories, it seems he is being more open about things – though it doesn’t appear to me to signal any healthy change. It almost seems compulsive now.

  5. Great work on finding the earring from earlier episodes Deborah! I am afraid to ask how long it took you to find them!

    I love this show and love this site… what will I do when it comes to an end? 🙁

    • This site will NOT come to an end. We will continue to write about Mad Men, about Matthew Weiner’s next project(s), and about our other shows.

      It took less time than you think. I’m attentive to jewelry, especially earrings, which I love. I knew it looked familiar. I knew it had to be when Don and Megan were already married–it’s the earring of a wealthy man’s wife. And if I was right, it had to be before she went to California, so I really only had two seasons to look at.

      I thought the earring was very dressy, so I looked at our episode guide for episodes in which there was a dressy occasion. I looked at the Zou Bisou jewelry first, then At the Codfish Ball, but I started to suspect it was an “actress” earring not a “copywriter” earring, so I skipped to Season 6 before exploring S5 any further. The whole process was less than 2 hours.

  6. I wondered when I had seen the widen semi-circle pattern of the wine stain on Don’s carpet, and then recalled the blood stain from Guy’s “severance.”
    Blood seems to be at least of subtheme of this episode — Rachel death from leukemia; the “blood is thicker than water” sentiments — Rachel’s family; the remark about Black Irish mafia; Ken’s family ties.

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