It’s not the same dress!

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Mar 262015

Mad Men Season 4-Betty and Phoebe

At the end of Season 4, I posted a note about promo shoots. This came up in discussion with my sister, since the S7.2 promo photos were just released. In that post, and on the phone with Roberta, I said the only dress that was actually worn was Betty’s—but it was worn by Nurse Phoebe.

Here’s the thing, though. I was wrong. Check the side-by-side illustration. One’s gold on black, one’s black on gold. For three years, I thought they were the same teranicouture dress, and then, when looking for photo evidence, I disproved my own damn theory.

So, we really know nothing about Season 7 based on those costumes, people.


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  1. I see black and blue…

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