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Mar 102015

Here at Basket of Kisses, we annually celebrate Jon Hamm Birthday Week. Except we forgot to yesterday, so this year, JHBW starts on Tuesday, the actual birthday. Because we say so.

Day 196 - Birthday Balloon

This week, we’re going to post bits and pieces of some of the non-Mad Men work that Jon Hamm has done, because he really is a remarkably gifted actor. In past Jon Hamm Birthday Weeks, we’ve celebrated his extraordinary physical beauty, as his non-acting accomplishments, and we’ve done a lot of comedy (because JHBW is all in fun).

But this post? This just says “Happy Birthday” to a handsome, kind-hearted, smart, talented man.

photo by: DaGoaty

  7 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON HAMM!”

  1. Wishing a lovely birthday for a lovely man!

  2. Should we throw him a surprise party and sing “Zou Bisou Bisou? Are we sure it’s his REAL birthday??

  3. Oh you have to show him in Childrens Hospital!

    Also his tiny guest appearance on the Gilmore Girls! Not sure if he and Rory/Alexis Bledel/Beth even crossed paths on that one!

  4. Happy Birthday to my favorite actor and funny man!

  5. Happy Birthday! May this be the year of the much deserved and long overdue Emmy!

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