Music in Flight 1

 Posted by on March 5, 2015 at 4:46 pm, Mad Men, Season 2
Mar 052015

trudy-flight-1Hey Basketcases! I am putting the blog back together for Season 7, adding back all the wonderful stuff that was lost in The Horrible Data Tragedy last year. Soon you will have all 7 episodes fully recapped, with the quotes and cultural references intact. Right now, you can find this information for episodes 7.01 through 7.03, and I will keep you posted. I will post.

I’m also updating the music section for the entire series. There are a bunch of songs that play during the opening party at Paul Kinsey’s Montclair apartment (sigh…I miss Michael Gladis). We’ve got several documented but there’s one I’m unable to find. It’s the first song you hear as Pete (with hair!) and Trudy arrive. I can make out the lyrics “well, well baby” (but it’s not “Well Well Well Baby-La” by Nappy Brown), “it’s impossible to love her” and “woman likes to play those nasty two-timing games.” There’s female backing vocals. I am stuck. It’s Crooked Woman, thanks Karl!


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