Mad Men Rewatch: Time Zones

 Posted by on March 4, 2015 at 5:42 am  Mad Men, Season 7
Mar 042015


Season 7.2 of Mad Men is nearly upon us! I’m rewatching Season 7.1, starting with the season premiere, Time Zones.

The first time around, I posted about time as a motif in the episode. There’s a lot of juicy material there. However, I left out a specific reference to time zones; Ken is overworked in part because he has to take calls from “Bob in Detroit” and “Pete in L.A.” every day, each in his own time zone. Ken’s afternoon is eaten up by their perception of morning.

Speaking of perception, Kenny has no depth perception, and despite myself, I laugh every time.



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  1. My guess, Ken’s (author), eye patch (half blind) + feeling like a slave = Homer (meaning “hostage”) to Don/Odysseus who journeys from Dick Whitman, to Don Draper, and then back to a wiser version of Dick Whitman.

    It may not be a coincidence that Don took a long trip and then returned home during the episode.

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