The Walking Dead Recap: Out There

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Mar 022015

the_walking_dead_s05e12_still_2The survivor group has entered the Alexandria Safe Zone. They’re invited to join the community, given homes, even offered jobs. But can they trust their new neighbors? And, The Walking Dead episode Remember asks, should their neighbors trust them?

The community leader, a former Congresswoman named Deanna, has a habit of filming the auditions of new residents. On video, Rick comes across as starving and filthy, but honest:

People out there are always looking for an angle, looking to play on your weakness. They measure you by what they can take from you. – Rick to Deanna

Fortunately for Rick, Deanna is looking for exactly these kinds of neighbors — people who have defended themselves “out there.” She’s got the classic problem of the upscale community: A whole lot of resources, but not much intelligence or experience in the field.

The problem starts with her son Aidan, the apparent leader of the Alexandria patrol team. “I know I’m a douchebag,” he tells Rick and Glen as they head outside the gates for a recon trip. For a second, I appreciate the candor. But when Aidan makes an ugly example of a zombie who killed his friend, it’s too much for the new guys to bear. Aidan and Glen soon come to blows, and Glen drops the douchelord (in front of his own mother!) without breaking a sweat.

Not everyone in Alexandria is like Aidan, of course. Rick’s neighbor Jessie gives him a welcome-to-the-community haircut, Carl finds some new friends (including silent recent arrival Enid), and Carol seems eager to host a tea or something. “I’m a real people person,” she tells Deanna’s camera, beaming.

I did laundry, gardened, and always had dinner on the table for Ed when he came home. I miss that stupid wonderful man every day. – Carol to Deanna

Carol, you wonderful liar.

Daryl, having no talent for bullshit, can barely stand the place. He won’t shower, or sit on anything that isn’t the floor, or apply for a job. Instead, he sits on a spotless porch and guts the possum he brought along for dinner. That’s just his way.

But as the hour ends, they’re all still there. Rick stands on his porch and suggests that they all sleep “in our own houses” tonight. For the first night in about a year, the survivors will sleep apart, under security provided by someone else.

How will any of these people get any rest?

Final episode thoughts:

  • The survivor group can’t stop hanging out together. The houses in Alexandria are huge, and our friends have more than one, but they all tend to congregate in one room. This feels literally familiar — and very true.
  • I like Deanna, but I can’t believe she ever worked in Congress. She seems far too practical and organized for a loser job like that.
  • Aidan is a tool. Who the hell calls guns “sweet ass biscuits”? Douchecanoe McToolerson, that’s who!
  • I love Carol and Daryl’s spy banter. “We have to keep up appearances,” says the undercover Junior Leaguer. “You look ridiculous,” he answers, as she walks off in her little cardigan.
  • Possible-Love-Interest Alert 1: Enid is entirely too chilly to Carl. According to the Rules of TV Love, this means they will be intensely interested in each other in about three episodes.
  • Possible-Love-Interest Alert 2: Jessie and Rick. Jessie dear, I don’t know you at all, but in my experience a lady never gives a man a haircut on a first date.
  • Jessie’s husband seems nice! Just sitting there on his porch in the dark, smoking! Telling passing newcomers that he knows where they got their haircuts! Let’s call him Neighborhood Watch, shall we?
  • Rick’s stashed gun is missing. Somebody went into that blender and fished it out, which to me says several things. One, someone is watching our friends. Two, they’re supposed to feel safe, but someone in their community clearly doesn’t feel safe having them there. Three, never hide a gun in a blender.



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  1. My money is on Enid as Blender Thief.

    • I hope it is a lot more than that. If her, that would be a waste of something that could be a whole lot more.

    • I was thinking Morgan.

      • I could go for that if the USA was the size of Rhode Island.

        • Right. Morgan was following our group, but then they got wheels. They’d surely have noticed a car following them–Morgan was on foot.

          However, Morgan knows their destination was Washington D.C., so he’ll catch up eventually, presumably just in time to be a deux ex machina.

  2. Deanna exiled her husband.

  3. Once again great recap.

    I thought this was really a good episode. It was just so strange to see them clean & taking a “walk”.in the neighborhood.

    I was wondering if they are being bugged in the houses & then Carol grabs the spiral notebook.

    Loved the scene with Carol, Daryl & Rick on the front porch.

    I feel like part of the group, I can never relax during this show.

  4. Aidan = Neidermeyer

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