Oscar Open Thread

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Feb 222015

We are chatting. Gowns. Awards. Movies. Songs. GO FOR IT!


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  1. FTR, I’m wearing Calvin Klein and Old Navy.

  2. Anna Kendrick looks gorgeous. Love the coral color, love the shape.

  3. Hell on Wheels! Common in the house!

  4. People are going to be talking about Nicole Kidman’s dress, and it’s pretty, but eh. I’m seeing a lot of early dresses that do nothing for me. Jessica Chaistain, also pretty, but eh. Kerry Washington, upholstery. Jennifer Anniston and JLo; same thing they always wear.

  5. Margot Robbie’s necklace. Jesus. Stunning.

  6. Hello, Margot Robbie.

  7. One thing I’m learning from the Red Carpet broadcast: Everything is everything.

  8. Everyone on E! pretending they don’t know what a flogger is: Not Oscar-worthy performances.

  9. So declase — black tie

  10. That’s “declasse”. Shouldn’t one standard (white tie) be specified?

  11. Wait. Who was the beautiful black woman I saw without glasses on that I thought was Kerry Washington?

  12. Scarlett.

  13. I’m kind of confused. I saw Nicole Kidman in black earlier. Maybe Nicole and Kerry were shown in clips from another event.

  14. Emma Stone in an Old Hollywood dress, but for some reason I’m not feeling it.

  15. Jennifer Aniston never met a beige she didn’t like.

  16. Complex hoax tweeted Scarlett in this, which is frankly much better.

  17. All happy nominees now. The room will fill up with losers over time.

  18. Billy Crystal just intruded on the nominated films.

  19. Making up for snubbing Simmons’ turn as J. Jonah Jameson.

  20. Liam Neeson in OSC4RS.

  21. Dakota Johnson.

  22. Pine restraining himself from commenting on Jennifer’s ensemble.

  23. costume design er wore PJs

  24. So gracious…gave away her award to show. lovely

  25. The part of the show where we give awards to everybody but Wes Anderson, who will be stiffed.

  26. Budapest lady needed to get hair done

  27. Kidman looks more lifelike as Ejiofor.

  28. Tegan & Sara >>> Maroon 5. Just sayin’.

  29. At least Emma has the Lego Oscar.

  30. Anna Kendrick annoyed w/ Kevin Hart: Good Acting or Not Acting?

  31. Wait, you play that music and Idris isn’t carrying Jessica?

  32. My second favorite Cumberbatch joke today.

  33. Terrence Howard going a little Cuba Gooding Jr here.

  34. So, that Common and Legend may have something here.

  35. Everything about the last few minutes was amazing; the Glory performance, then the very funny Travolta/Menzel presentation,then the magnificent acceptance speech by Common and John Legend. Perfection.

  36. Gaga’s edgiest performance to date.

  37. I thought he’d split the Desplat vote.

  38. Thanks Oprah, snubs Uma.

  39. Poor Neil Patrick Harris. Whoever wrote the jokes for this show did a poor job of it. Harris was a lot funnier, using his own material on “INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO”.

  40. The Oscars are a flat circle.

  41. Presumably, Sean Penn was there to balance Patricia Arquette.

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