Feb 222015

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Breathtaking. Also brilliant to show during the Oscars–who could resist, whether you’re a longtime fan or you still have the show on your list?
[updated–I now have a youtube link so it’s embedded!)
You’ll never stop watching it.


  12 Responses to “Mad Men promo during the Oscars”

  1. I agree Roberta. Unexpected and very classy and sophisticated. A true “End of an Era” for television.

  2. The reason why this was so touching and wonderful was because this commercial was basically the carousel pitch only instead of showing a slide show of Don’s family we saw a slide show from the show and we (the viewers) are the client,

  3. Here’s the new poster for the final season:


  4. […] the last official poster for Mad Men — with comments from Matthew Weiner.  The first trailer is online as well, […]

  5. Since the Nostalgia pitch seemed to reference Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in its structure (projections on a wall), I wonder if the remaining episodes will take the views “out of the cave” and give us more insight on what makes Don tick, especially from his past.

    • “viewers” out of the cave…sorry, computer freezing because Flash isn’t loading properly from the ads and words are getting cut off.

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