Feb 202015

As you know, I’m an addict. I’ll be here with blog open and bells on. Or something.


  8 Responses to “Be sure to stop by for our Oscar open thread on Sunday”

  1. Smoochie, my dog and I will be here!

    Is this the first Oscars with out Joan Rivers?

    • Well, there were Oscar ceremonies before Joan went into the fashion business; but she didn’t do the red carpet for the last few years before she died. Sure will miss her recaps on Fashion Police, even if the vagina jokes got a little tiresome.

  2. First time in 36 years I won’t watch the Oscars. Sitting it out. Shameful situation. Shame.

    • Is the shame because of the Sony Picture/ North Korea blackmail issue or your faves did not get nominated? What part of this year’s Oscars bothers you? I usually mute the tube when I am annoyed but still want to see the candid photo opps of the tinsel town crowd. Hollywood is a spectators sport.

    • Tilden, are you objecting to the lack of diversity in the nominees? In my opinion, awards shows (already rather meaningless) would be cheapened even further by instituting a quota system.

      • Quotas are an immense insult to minorities. The larger malady is that there so few roles in studio films available.
        It was revealed that the Academy is comprised of 94% of a particular race, and a plurality of 77% on gender.
        In 2015.
        The shock is, that this is not shocking.
        4% of studio films are directed by women.
        This does not look like anything like the country I grew up (this one).
        The fact that my dumb ass took so long to take umbrage at these long known facts, reflects poorly on me. Makes me look like a stooge to the never-ending scandal of the moment, news cycle.
        I don’t care to passively participate in this ceremony that is radically, stubbornly, emphatically different than me/my views.
        It is the 100th anniversary of Birth of a Nation.
        The composition of an Academy, had it existed then, would sadly not be too different from today’s.

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