Mad Men Season 7.2 Photo Gallery

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Feb 182015

AMC has released a large photo gallery of Mad Men Season 7 (Part 2). Now, I ask that none of you go nuts. These photos are gorgeous, but I invite you to remember that when the promotional gallery for Season 6 was released, you all went bonkers trying to figure out what the party was. The party, I remind you, was a staged event at which promo photos were taken. Of actors. It never occurred during Season 6. Likewise, I am not inspired by this garden party. It’s just a photo shoot, in my opinion, albeit a gorgeous one, tinged with regret.

Mad Men Season 7 Promo Photo

Photo Credit:Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

I’m featuring one fabulous shot here, and then an extensive gallery below the fold for your viewing pleasure. Click any photo for massive embiggening.


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  1. “Megan”?! Ugh. Weren’t we done with her?
    I am the picture of a candidate for a Queen Eye emergency makeover, and could not possibly care less about clothing.
    But, what……..on earth is THAT on beloved Pegs?
    I find it appalling.

    • I like Peggy’s dress. It’s a classic sheath with a sheer poly overlay in some flapper-inspired ruffles. And not a bow in sight!

      • I like Peggy’s too.

      • As I’ve said; I know less than zero about sartorial resplendence.
        Whatever I say, just go opposite and you’ll be right.
        That dress just bothers me.

      • I think it’s interesting. Peggy’s dress seems to be the only one that could be worn today…

        • So, January, Jessica, Christina, and Kiernan don’t have those dresses in their closets now (and perhaps Lizzie does)?

          Where do “old” worn-for-a-week custom outfits go to die, anyway?

          (it would not surprise me if Hamm and Slattery nabbed a few of those very nice suits – maybe even Kartheiser has grown up enough for his)

          (or is it tuxes or nothing these days for dress up in LA LA?)

          • No, I could buy that dress today and wear it somewhere.

            All the others are mothballed.

            That’s what I mean.

            • Not Joan’s. Betty and Megan are both very stylish characters, they wear what’s of-the-moment, and so their looks are now very dated. But Joan wears classic silhouettes to suit her shape. I’d wear that dress tomorrow.

            • I remember what I thought was a quip, later connected to Marilyn Monroe – something like “she could make a potato (burlap) sack look good. Then I saw MM (possibly when she was still Norma Jean) in a very well tailored outfit made from potato sacks with the logos intact.

              Joan (and Christina) has (have) struck me similarly.

            • Not Joan’s

              Oh I almost wrote Joan’s too! But I didn’t know how easy it would be to find her dress, but when I had to find a dress for a wedding last year, I saw lots of dresses like Peggy’s.

              So I was thinking that Joan’s is definitely wearable today, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find. The neckline and sleeves I’ve seen in tops the last several years though…

              But I guess I don’t go dress shopping often! Ha.

            • In a few short years, DVF is going to introduce the wrap dress, and Joan will never wear anything else.

    • No, we’re not done with Megan, and i really, truly, beg you to just shut up about her. Just swallow whatever it is you can’t stand about her (no, don’t tell me all over again) and just go with the flow. Thank you.

      • I’ve never understood Megan-hate.

      • With all due respect, berkowit28, I can say what I please about anything MM related on here, as long as I don’t disrespect other commentators.
        We disagree on something. It’s all good. Call me out, call me lame, what have you.
        I ask that you not try to censure me.
        Thank you.

        • berkowit and tilden, the comments section is relatively light this time of year, but it will heat up again when MM starts, and I will have to ask both of you to be VERY aware of our comments policy.

          Calling people names is not allowed. I would rather “shut up” not be used. And hating on a character to a point where moderators feel, in our subjective opinion, that you are flogging a dead horse, is irritating and will get those comments deleted. Insulting or angry comments will usually be deleted too.

          If you make me delete too many comments, I will put you on moderation, meaning every comment is held until I get around to looking at it and approving it. If I have to moderate too many comments, I block the user. No matter how loyal or loved the user is, fuck with the moderators and you get blocked.

          And if comments are super busy, I’ll err on the of deletion. Because if there are hundreds and hundreds to moderate, clicking delete is easier. So please, respect the difficult role of the moderator by being SO FRICKIN NICE that our jobs are easier, our moods are thereby better, and we like you all more.

    • TK,

      Take heart that it looks like all these shots came from a single outdoor party scene. And remember – Megan is 3,000 miles away from the epicenter.

  2. Tilden,
    You crack me up!!!
    I could not agree with you more.
    Megan looks like a Cher wanna be!
    Peggy is wearing all the wrong stuff because she is the same girl that needed a Russian gay guy to give her a haircut on a Brooklyn kitchen stool!
    Can’t wait for this shindig to get rolling!

    Wouldn’t it be divine if Bobbi Barrett showed up and gave Peggy chapter 2 on how to be a woman in a man’s world?
    “Powerful stuff if done correctly”

    • “you are sad – lets go to the Bob Dylan”

      “(it means) I sleep with the man – not with the woman”

      That was a real haircut – the chopping of the pony tail (which Lizzie hated, along with the bangs). Good Stuff.

      One look at 1969 Peggy and Bobbi wouldn’t dare go with Chapter 2 – perhaps graduate studies.

    • Susan F.,

      The Cher look may be intentional. At the end of “Tomorrowland” Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve got you Babe” is playing, a reference to the movie “Groundhog Day.”

      Don barely knew Betty, married her, became disillusioned and started having affairs, then divorce. Repeat w/Megan. That may be one reason Megan’s white lace is similar to Betty’s dress in “Old Kentucky Home,” another “garden party.”

  3. There are no words for Megan’s Bob-Mackie-inspired homage to Cher. OTOH, I feel that we need to say Kaddish for Pete’s hairline.

    • Dude, Pete looks like a 56 year old wax – museum version of himself.
      “Girls will only go to bed with you, out of pity.”

    • It’s a good thing the series wraps up this year, otherwise poor Vincent Kartheiser would be bald in another couple of seasons…

    • To me it looks like Pete is going through some weird reverse Dorian Grey process – his exterior is more and more resembling his interior, his inner smarminess has ended up being literally written across his face. It’s amazing to look at Pete and Peggy, who I think looks fabulous, and think about who they were and how they seemed in Seasons 1 and 2. They have both traveled a long distance, but I think Peggy’s final destination is going to be a lot better than Pete’s.

  4. It looks as if Bobby will never grow up…. And yes, my first thought was, good grief, I thought we were done with Megan.

    • Considering the pensive Sally and Exuberant Bobby in that shot – it seems Bobby does not want to grow up.

  5. Where is Henry?

    • Henry can be seen in photo # 9.
      Bobby and baby Gene are running around and Betty and Sally are looking rich and beautifull.

  6. Poor Sally, what is she wearing and why? Is it a dare from her schoolmates? lol

    And yes, there is no Henry…but that doesn’t disappoint me too much. What does disappoint me a little bit….Megan’s there. lol

    • Sally’s dress was considered a fabulous number back in the day.
      The detail of lace, puff sleeves and layers of thin poly-blend was the rage.
      I would have died for a dress like that.
      It has a British Carnaby Street influence, Think Shrimpton and Twiggy,

  7. Photo #8 beloved Pegs looking happily, at DD, means I’m gonna get the happy ending I want, right? Right???
    I knew Pegs was Don’t girl the minute she laid the change the conversation schpiel on Heinz and DD overheard through the door. I KNEW IT, right there.
    Any other ending is false, no matter how dark MM is ‘sposed to be.
    I’m getting my happy ending, right? Right????

    • Your happy ending is going to be at the expense of my happy ending. You must know by now how badly I want Peggy to end up with Stan.

      • Peggy almost had Stan slobbering with his crush early on, but he’s moved on. Still, he’s a catch in so many ways that Abe was not.

        • There’s still time; there’s still hope. I’m wistfully thinking that maybe in the 7part2 theme of introspection involves Peggy realizing what’s been in front of her all along.

    • Tilden,
      Where is the sexual chemistry between Don and Peggy?
      He said she was cute as hell.
      She said everybody thinks something happened and that is how I got my job.
      Also, her mother thinks he was the father.
      Beyond that, did they ever talk about “them”.

      He told her to go home and put her curlers in…and she eventually turned on the relax-o-aider or whateverthehell that thing was.

      Show me where there is an inkling of sexual tension?

      • There isn’t one iota. That’s one reason why it would feel right.
        When has DD not betrothed himself to the prom queen?
        To me, Peggy is Don, if he were a nice person. I can not tell them apart. Every single time Don berated her in the first 4 seasons, Peggy would commit sexualcide (I invented this word), with the most random people almost immediately.
        She didn’t get relax-od when told to put her curlers in, she got Peter Dyckman Campbelled, that very night.
        Don was a huge asshole to her, about her indirect manner about being put on Hilton, and off she went to………Duck Phillips.
        My, word!
        Peggy’s daddy issues play straight through Don.
        Even at the Burger Chef strategy sessions Peggy, who long ago stopped idolizing Don, still sees him as the great beacon to her work fog. Work being everything to her, because she feels she has nothing else, like Don does.
        He ‘told’ her he loved her in The Suitcase, when he returned her hand holding gesture 5 years after Peggy’s clumsy one.

        Don tells no one he loves them. I can count how many times he’s said that to his own Darling Sally.
        His child.
        Why did Don visit her at the hospital? Why was he the only one from work to do so? He easily could’ve dismissed it as a Babe who didn’t cut it, and am I really surprised.
        But DD has an old-school courtliness, and gentleman in him, that he hides like almost everything else.
        What was it about that girl, that made him go?
        He has seen himself in her, and she is the one consistent thing in his life, outside of his children. She is always there. To mentor, to berate, to project his talent to, to throw money at her, to bail him out of jail, to be there for him, at her great expense, at the worst night of his life.
        She is the only one who can tell him to shut up. To tell him, they never really talk, and she’s ok with it, because she LIKES IT THAT WAY.
        The best feelings you have are the ones that can remain unsaid.
        You know. So there’s no need. These 2 people have enormous difficulty expressing their true feelings, c for different reasons, but in the end it’s the same.
        These characters love each other much more than either would ever admit.
        It does not mean that they will wind up together. They are each other’s constant, for better, or for worse, in sickness, and in health, for as long as Mad Men can live.

        I want/crave/need/desperately hope for my happy ending.
        Why can’t two people who are joined at the hip not possibly be?
        It’s 10,000 to 1 that it will happen.
        But, I’m gonna ride the longshot, with every wish i can make to the moon.

        • I ship them a little too and I’m not proud of myself.

        • Do you suppose Peggy is Don’s “Work Anna”?
          She knows everything (almost) about him and still accepts him.
          I am going to watch “The Suitcase” again. I love the Greek diner scene.
          DoginthePatheon cracks me up.

          Also, we learn both Don and Peggy saw their fathers die.
          Maybe they are kinda twinsies…

        • Peggy isn’t Don’s “type” but she’s just perfect for Dick Whitman!

          • OMG! You are so right!
            Dick Whitman would think Peggy walked on water!

            And she would love his broken soul.

            Funny, she really would love his story. She got glimpses of it in The Suitcase, didn’t she.

      • Don explained to Betty in Better Half that sex doesn’t really mean much to him. What he really needs and wants is true intimacy..someone who “knows all about him and still loves him.” like Anna (the only other person he was close to–and didn’t have sex with. Peggy is Don’s soul mate!

        • I think so too.

          When they were dancing in s7a and Don sort of jumped a little, or was taken aback for a minute, it reminded me of when he was talking about his kids in s6, how when he realized he really did love them, it was like his heart burst.

          I feel like Peggy was number one on his list of who he wanted to save by saving the company. And why he did that. That’s a huge sacrifice going to his hated McCann…

          What happened to Peggy under Avery would have put her on Kinsey track. Now, even if she leaves, she leaves on top.

          Another reason why I see this, in addition to reasons pointed out here by others, MW always calls Ted Dons mirror. In falling for Ted I always thought she fell for an enthusiastic Don, a supporter of her talent and worth as a person. What Don rarely showed Ted showed easily. Or too easily.

          And Don’s reaction to them? Extreme! It Was like immature jealousy. Ted was getting the intimacy from Peggy he wanted, but doesn’t know he wants.

          Peggy would represent a more integrated Dick Whitman choice, and a choice that could give him actual contentment. Dick Whitman could love a girl like Peggy but the Don Draper he thought he needed to be couldn’t.

          They do have chemistry. Holy cow, go back to the scene when Peggy quits. He was more torn up than the endings of either marriage. It’s just not overtly sexual.

          Many people find them like siblings or relatives. But I always felt like a more grown up Don, who allows himself to be more Dick Whitman would actually be a great match for Peggy.

          • And the happiest time in their marriage was when Megan and Don worked together in advertising peaking with the night they won Hienz. The day Megan left advertising was the beginning of the end of the marriage. Don wants someone to share his passion for advertising and partner with him personally and professionally and that person is Peggy! When Don went to Peggy to get her to work for the newly forming agency he said that if she wouldn’t he would spend the rest of his life trying to hire her.

            • Yeah, it was so much like a proposal so more than a job offer. The entire interaction.

              They have something substantial and deep.

              It’s not marred by illusions or trickery. Or something dirty. I think that’s when a Don starts to cheat. When he feels dirty and a fraud.

              And it’s way past the beginning.

  8. Don’s girl.
    Darn these typos.

  9. Look in the background of the shot with Roger and Joan–
    There’s Kenny with his (I guess permanent) eye patch, Harry still looking clueless, and Ted chatting up a Stan that looks increasingly like the Brawny man!

  10. I totally own Joan’s earrings.


    Diana Ross singing Sweetest Hangover, has some thinking the show has jumped 6 years!!!
    Check out the above video. Cool images and expressions from Pete and Roger among others.

    • Ridiculous to imagine the show has jumped six years when Kiernan Shipka is right there, front and center, playing Sally. Maybe she’s the same age or maybe it’s a one or even two year jump, but beyond that, they’d have needed to re-cast that role.

  12. […] The Mad Men Season 7.2 promo photo gallery. Jessica Pare’s ensemble is a custom Janie Bryant […]

  13. Wait a minute. Bobby should at least be . . . what, 13 years old by now? And Gene should be 6. Why do both of them still look a lot younger?

  14. Clearly, Bobbie and Gene have been sneaking cigarettes for years (thanks to their parent’s influence) and It’s stunted their growth.

  15. Megan still wears the simple wedding ring Don gave her (Annas?). Don’s fingers are unadorned – though manicured.

    This surprises me, since Don would not want to let on that his 2nd marriage is on the rocks – he’d wear his ring as camoflauge.

    • I don’t think Don ever wore a wedding ring.

      • Pretty sure you’re right. I did a Google image search, looked at a bunch of stills from S5 & S6 so it was definitely during the Megan marriage, and nothing on that left ring finger.

        • How old do you suppose these photos are? The first week of July, 2014 concluded Mad Men once and for all.
          Could these be 2013 photos?

      • Don wouldn’t ever wear a wedding ring. .It’s awkward to cheat on your wife if you are used to wearing a wedding ring. You either have to take it off and then remember where you put it. If you forget to put it on again, your wife will probably notice. And if your new partner doesn’t know you are married, there’s that telltale groove/ or lack of suntan on the ring finger.

  16. Just because Megan is in the show doesn’t necessarily mean she’s with Don. Betty is still a part of the show years after they split–though they do have the kids in common and Megan and Don don’t. Don and Megan’s split was amicable and they still care for each other whether or not they can make a marriage work.

    I keep going back and forth about Don and Peggy. I don’t know if it will be a romantic partnership or not but there will be a partnership (if it’s the happy ending I’m hoping for). We learned form The Strategy that Don and Peggy are family. Mad Men is the story of Don and Peggy’s relationship. It begins on the day they meet and through and follows them through highs and lows they have been the heart and soul of the show. I CAN”T WAIT to see what happens next!! How can they make us wait this long and what are we going to do when its over??

    • I will be an ungrateful bastard and cry tears of anger on May 17, and curse the heavens for having something this good just end, and not letting it go on until the second coming.

      Hopefully, I will come to my senses, and actually appreciate Mr. Weiner, Hamm, Lizzie Moss, Slatts, for giving all of us something to truly cherish.
      A near perfect thing, this Mad Men.

      • May 17..I predict we will all be typing intently on this blog and for many days and weeks there after looking back with nostalgia and longing. This show has been like a spaceship, a time machine, a carousel that has taken us to a place where we ache to go again.

  17. Megan’s white and flowy outfit looks almost bridal. I wonder if she’ll be remarrying? They’re all just between husbands, you know. 😉

    • That’s an interesting observation!

      I don’t think there’ll be time for Megan to remarry, and she probably wouldn’t want to, what with alimony and all. Unless she meets up with a rich, and influential Robert Evans type. Ha

      But, it does kind of denote that Megan has always only ever been Dons bride. They never really had much of a marriage. No kids, or created a family feeling. Megan was like a cool babysitter to his kids…

      There best times was their engagement and marriage and all down hill from there, sadly.

  18. Thank you Lipp Sisters and all those who have posted here to enrich the series of MadMen. I enjoyed the TCM series but this site has made me LOVE the series even more! What a bunch of smart, insightful people! Thank you to all! 😀

  19. I love how for men, casual wear means they get to wear different colored paints with their suit coat, and the suit coat gets to be called a sport coat.

  20. The promo photos are really reminiscent of “My Old Kentucky Home”

    Even Megan’s outfit is a version of Betty’s outfit at Roger’s Derby party.

    Since MOKH had a theme about Don’s past (his conversation and bonding with Conrad Hilton) may be it’s a hint that Don will make some peace with his past.

    • Celina,
      I completely agree with you!
      I predict Don returns to the farm he lived on in “Hobo Times”. He will seek out the childhood setting. Maybe he will learn who the midwife was and the family of his prostitute mother. There is so much he may find by going back to that setting. I hope he finds peace.

      • Susan F,

        Thanks! Don is basically a facade, the real person is Dick Whitman. And Don needs to come to terms internally with his past (he did so externally with the Hershey’s meltdown and showing his kids his Pennsylvania “home”) to find some peace.

        Also, since the video promo was “Nostalgia,”or “the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone,” it may be an indication that Don will finally deal with some old wounds.

      • Also, all of the sunshine in the photos shoot reminds me of “The Summer Man,” where Don comes to some peace and self understanding.

        And since Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is used in MM (especially in The Carousel pitch), the fact that the photo shoot is outside and filled with sunlight could indicate Don may reach some truth about himself, or that the views will finally see some truths about Don.

        • “viewers” will finally see some truths about Don. Or rather some truths about Dick Whitman since DW is the truth of who Don is and Don Draper is the “shadow on the wall” a construct whose true feelings and motivations are always a mystery at some level.

    • And so much happened there that was critical and life changing to Don.

      He met Conrad Hilton, who, among other things important to Don, was the one who told them of their impending sale to McCann, giving them time to figure out how to, and then do, the creation of SCDP.

      It’s also where Betty’s life raft (Henry) first appeared.

  21. Also, I really like the contrast between the S7.1 photo of Don and Peggy looking away from each other

    to the S7.2 photo of Don and Peggy facing each other and smiling

  22. The first set of promo pictures released had a definite blue tone. Perhaps it was a reference to “The Color Blue.” TCB had the undercurrent of Don’s guilt over Adam’s death and wish for atonement (helping Danny and Betty finding Adam’s shoebox of memories). May be the blue tone of the first promo pics could indicate Don coming to some peace and atonement over Adam

    Also, in TCB the seeds of a huge revelation about Don’s past are planted. May be we’ll find out more about Don’s past in the last episodes. And TCB end with a SC banquet, similar to the guest list of the promo pics.

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