Open Thread: Walkin’ Saul

 Posted by on February 8, 2015 at 6:00 pm  The Walking Dead
Feb 082015
Better Call Saul Press Release

Photo Credit:Ben Leuner/AMC

Tonight! Better Call Saul premier (10pm Eastern) and mid-season return of The Walking Dead (9pm Eastern)!!!

Anne B will be recapping TWD and Deborah will give BCS a shot.

Pull up a very tension-absorbing chair and enjoy!


  15 Responses to “Open Thread: Walkin’ Saul”

  1. What about Downton Abbey? Who’s covering the dowager?

    • I’m covering both Saul and the Dowager Countess, which means I am going to do Downton one day late. Mondays for BCS and Tuesdays for Downton, unless I really fall off that horse.

      I was hoping another Basketwriter would volunteer for Saul, but Marly is fully absorbed in a writing project that prevents her from recapping, and Anne has TWD, which is also Sunday nights.

      There are only 3 more episodes to Downton, and then the conflict will pass.

  2. Any thoughts about the possible direction of the second half of the season, or would that be spoilerish?

  3. Better Call Saul, yay!
    Finally something on TV, I can actually watch.
    Can’t watch network Tv, its just the pits.
    Oh, April 5 is just 8 Sundays away.

  4. Drum rolls and flourishes…

  5. Could have been unexpected internal deaths.

  6. Has the one-black- man (at a time) rule stricken Tyreese?

  7. Assuming the roads aren’t clogged, Washington would be an easy drive.

  8. I actually think the disguise works.

  9. Non-ionizing radiation.

  10. Love it!

    So good to see Saul (and Mike) again. Now we get to enjoy his backstory. This is gonna be so great!

  11. Is there going to be an open thread for the second part?

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